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    Changing-mat and other baby stuff

    So, here are the last from my latest order for baby. It’s crazy how many things there are to buy but my advice is, buy only what’s necessary. There are so many things that’s suppose to make this and that easier but I always have in mind, how did our parents manage without all this material things that’s existing today? They managed just fine and I am a bit old school there. I understand the industry wants to make money and it’s easy to get captured away, especially when it’s the first baby. But then I also see on second hand how people suddenly just sell off new things.  It’s…

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    LBD – always working even when you are pregnant!

    So last weekend we were celebrating a couple of birthdays. My husbands, my mothers and a friend of ours. It’s difficult to find what to wear in my wardrobe, don’t have so many things now left that is in my size. I love colors but it’s never bad with all just black. Perfect when you are pregnant too, makes you feel even more secure and beautiful somehow. Strange! This dress is perfect as it stretches out and falls nicely. My sister bought it while her pregnancy and then gave it to me, I am so thankful since it is so comfortable. High heels is of course working, I’m not swollen…

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    To use as night lamp for nursing

    There are so many night lamps to use for nursing during nights. And they are not suppose to be to strong so what better way then this string light. It has a comfortable light, looks so cute and cozy on a shelve or hanging from babys bed. I have been looking for the right color but it has mostly been grey, blue, white or pink. Well, maybe more but those are the most common that I have seen. But finally these nice colors are in store. I bought them really cheap at Jysk. I’m so in love with the colors. What do you think? I will take pics after when…

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    Bedroom – colors for fall

    This fall is perfect! It’s beautiful outside, yet colder but the air is so fresh. I feel like now it’s time to slowly prepare for winter, instead of going up tempo, this is the moment to relax. Take time to read/listen to a book you have been wanting to do but not given yourself time for. Time to change at home with some nice new interior for fall. I baked yesterday a banana cake and it turned out so delicious! This is the moment to meditate and just enjoy being inside those cold and rainy dyas. As you know from before, I mentioned I wanted some new colors for the…

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    New baby stuff

    So, these last couple of weeks I haven’t been blogging so much. Always when fall is coming I loose a little of my inspiration. Even though I think it’s so cozy now since we had a really good summer, I always need to get used to fall and that it is getting darker. But this winter, I actually look forward too. We are so excited here at home and can’t wait till our little girls is arriving. It will be November soon and we have still some things to prepare for until she is here. These are some new cute stuff that we have ordered. The big play blanket is…

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    What to wear this fall

    So, fall is here. We can tell. And what’s not perfect then going out and look for a new cozy coat or jacket? Here are a few that I have found from some of my favorit stores. Have a look and see what can fit you!  H&M &Other stories Whistles Stella Nova Moss Copenhagen Cos

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    When you move for the first time

    Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash As a young person and to move for the first time it’s a very big change in your life. It’s exciting but also scary. Suddenly you need to take responsibility for you own place, your own bills to pay and maybe no more asking mum or dad for help financially. While working as realtor I saw many young people coming to buy their first flat/studio. Many of them had help from their parents and some managed it by themselves. I always loved to give the right advice to them and see them happy after signing the papers.  I want to share some simple advice to you who are…