• Life

    From baby shower

    These are just a few things I got from last weekends surprise baby shower! And it was perfect gift since I have been looking at these stuff but have been waiting because we have needed to buy first of all everything that is really necessary, you know like must haves for a baby in the house. And everything cost money, oh my God! But be smart, I think you can save a lot if you think twice before you buy things just to buy. The market is crazy for babies, and you can go loco with all the beautiful things! Btw, the blue whale is a cute nightlamp :))

  • Interior

    Carpet makes a difference

    So, we really did some changes here at home this week. First of all, last Saturday I sold our glas/brass table and we were without a coffee table maybe during three days. I was lucky to find this white Ikea, fully new coffee table but second hand! Perfect and it gives more space now. It also brightens up the room.  The rug I’ve been longing for but been to cheap to buy plus we needed to get baby stuff first. Finally black Friday arrives and we drive directly to the store to get it for a bit less. So worth waiting for things! I am in love, it’s so cozy…

  • Fashion

    Baby Timberlands

    Well of course my baby is gonna have something that I will have on me! My nieces have had these cute Timberlands and now it’s our turn to use them. I ordered for me since I don’t have any shoes for winter and what will be perfect then wearing them together! But she won’t be able to wear them maybe until February or March. The weather here is gonna make it possible at that time anyway 😀 Happy Friday!

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    Curtains up!

    Okey, so please don’t judge me. But I have been so lazy and tired to be active on the blog and also on Instagram. If I am not inspired I don’t like to put things that doesn’t have a meaning. Sorry, that is just who I am. I love this fall so I am not gonna blame it this year on that. I blame it on my pregnancy ;P Everything has been fine though! We have had my mother staying here during two months now, since her apartment has been renovated. So, it’s been a bit of a mess. Three adults living in a two room apartment. We have managed…

  • Travel

    Perfect weekend trip

    Personally I love to travel to warmer places then at home. But being in a big city with nice big parks all colored in red brown, is just as perfect as lying on a beach with white sand. I really recommend after my own experience to visit London during fall. It might be rainy a day or two but it doesn’t matter. You have so many nice pubs everywhere, coffee places, big parks for strolling around and a lot of shopping. To do sightseeing can be good too. Since Buckingham Palace is right in the middle of three parks such as St Jame’s Park, Green Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens,…

  • Life

    Baby clothes

    Since it’s only 45 days left now we really need to get ready here at home! I haven’t bought any clothes until now. I got so many things from my sisters kid but I realized that some bodies like these once maybe necessary. We already have bodies but not like these once to open on the side. I bought from H&M baby exclusive, they have so many cute things right now. I also bought some other cute outfit for our little girl, some hairbands and a little hand knitted teddybear. The jacket and the body with the rain dare my mother bought for us as a gift. Our baby is…

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    Changing-mat and other baby stuff

    So, here are the last from my latest order for baby. It’s crazy how many things there are to buy but my advice is, buy only what’s necessary. There are so many things that’s suppose to make this and that easier but I always have in mind, how did our parents manage without all this material things that’s existing today? They managed just fine and I am a bit old school there. I understand the industry wants to make money and it’s easy to get captured away, especially when it’s the first baby. But then I also see on second hand how people suddenly just sell off new things.  It’s…