• Fashion

    Rich colors

    Brown, plum, burgundy and purple is for me the fall and winter colors. It’s neat and dramatically. It gives a sense of authority and strength. All in one. I always feel the full power of the dark lips painted in plum on me.

  • Fashion

    Stripes Stripes Stripes

     I just love my new sweater that I got home the other day from Zalando. It’s always neat with stripes, can never get tired of it. I have to see if they do this in different color because I’m so in love 

  • Interior

    Vintervitt // Winterwhite

    Nu är det jul här i vårt hus…Jag fick pyntat lite igår men kände inte för att göra för mycket. Räcker lagom med ljusa färger men köket blev det mer rött än jag tänkte mig. Bilder får komma upp någon annan dag. //Christmas is here in our house … I put some nice things yesterday but did not do too much. It’s good with bright colors, but the kitchen was more red than I was thinking to do this year. Coming up with pics there another day.

  • Beauty & Health

    Kicks xmascalender

     // Three things I should buy into the month of December. Of course I am a member of Kicks Kicks. Their magazine was sent home by mail and where I cuddled me down among all their products. It turns out that every day in the month of December, they have half the price of something. These three will be in the calendar!  So, I’ll take the opportunity to buy this home.

  • Life

    Första advent #sunday #realtor #work #inspo #interior #sweden

  • Interior

    Before Christmas…

     Now is the time for first Advent. Damn, we are already close to  in December. Wow what this year just rushed by. But a very funny year for me. I’ve been down and dug in the basement and picked up christmas things. I keep it simple this year, more red in the kitchen and avoiding too much color in the living room and the rest of the rooms. I unfortunately got to throw some things, always something breaks or discolor on things. Normal to get old with the years.