4 Healthy morning routines

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During the years I have really got to know my body. I have read myself through diets, personal trainers, listened to people and so on. But I never felt I found a good way though peoples talk and advice. And absolutely not from media. Till finally I found the Tone it up community. This is made for women and not men talking about how your female body is working. Cause what do they actually know about that. We women have all things in life happening, hormones, our monthly period, more body fat and like I’m in now, a pregnancy. I never liked the advice form a man about workout and food. Cause this never helped me! And are you in the same situation? Tone it up is the key. This is not a sponsored post I just want to share and maybe to inspire other women who feel the same. But it’s important to know that this is hard work as well and it’s not coming just for free. But it’s fun, inspiring and it made me to stick to that life time now since my membership 2013. Now when I’m pregnant I have got good advice for prenatal workout. I’ve done small changes with food, since the body needs more calories. 

So, to my healthy morning routines that I have learnt from Tone it up. I keep part of it now like the drinking water but since my baby wants breakfast immediately I’m not doing my workout the first thing but will definitely start with that again in postnatal. 

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  1. Coffee / Awaken tea + healthy shot – TIU have nice recipe on something they call Meta D. It’s a mix of apple cider vinegar, water, organic apple juice, cinnamon, cayenne pepper. So it’s a refreshing strong mix. Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash 
  2. Morningwalk/ cardio – Always 30 minutes with a powerwalk or some cardio. Even yoga is good. However you feel and what your body is up for.Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
  3. Water with lemon and some honey – I like the taste of hot water with squeezed lemon and honey. Feels like tea. Always the first thing you do is to drink a glass of water no matter what. It’s proven that this is healthy and wakes up the body from the night and to dehydrate. It helps the metabolism to get started. Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash 
  4. The breakfast after workout – Here I always go for the same since I’m crazy about it. Granola with almond milk (sometimes I change to greek yoghurt), some honey and peanut butter. Also I always have blueberries at home since I am crazy about them. And for this a grape fruit. So refreshing and just love it. I am not so happy about warm breakfast like scrambled eggs but that’s something of your own choice.

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