5 Good things: To buy for your new home

Since been working as a realtor a couple of years plus my own experience of moving around I think I have learnt a few lessons or two. It’s a lot of things to think about when moving. I’ve seen people stressed when moving and forgetting things etc. I think there are some few things to have in mind and that’s important to buy when moving. It’s not about new furnitures or some fancy lamp it’s more about the practical things such as:


1. Shower curtain – Depends if the bathroom needs one or not but I think this is a good  thing always to buy a new one. I always have that in mind to make sure to have a nice fresh one. 

2. Cleaning products – Even if you expect that the new place is gonna be well cleaned you will get disappointed. You can never make sure that other people will clean how you want it to be. I always gave advice to my clients to have a cleaning company taking care of it since this was the biggest things buyers and sellers were fighting about. Sounds crazy huh, but so true. And there is never anyone who wins. Make sure you are well dressed with products and start cleaning, anyway you are going to need it for later.

3. Garbage bags – Even if I have been cleaning up while packing there is always new things you need to throw away when you get to the new place. You have probably been at IKEA buying new stuff and with this comes papers, plastics and cardboard to throw away. So big black garbage bags plus small ones is necessary.

4. Lamps – This is so irritating if you move in and don’t have any lightning. It depends if the last owner was nice enough to leave some roof lamp, we hade one in the hallway but that was it. Plus we moved in during February month, a dark month. I know you are probably dreaming of a nice designer lamp (if you don’t already have it of course) but there is so good and cheap once at IKEA to buy, and later on just to replace them for the one you dream of. 

5. Toilet paper – Well, I wouldn’t want come to my new home and feel like I need to go to the bathroom and realize there is no toilet paper! Make sure to buy with you, it makes it so much easier then running to the store back and forth while unpacking.

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