5 Good things

New list on 5-good-things. I have some favorites in my bathroom and some new for that matter aswell. I want to share with you and maybe you’ll find something new to try at home.
  1. Medik8 – I have previously had pictures on which skin care series I use but I want to share again. I’ve been buying these over and over again since I finally found a good serie that works for my skin plus they really do their work as it says. It’s been three years now since I started using Medik8. They last long, more then six months (last time I bought these was in February and there are half each can be left). You really do not have to take much and the cleaning, I think it lasts for more than a year. It feels like it never ends. Do not forget to put on the neck. I order mine from a swedish website here Hudoteket but the brand is from England so you can definitely order from some other websites. 
2. Muji tandborsthållare – The best purchase for my bathroom. You don’t have to think about disgusting water in a glas. These toothbrush holders are made in porcelain and are easy to keep clean. I think it’s more hygenic and also they are so pretty with it’s simple design. Perfect! You can find them at a swedish store Åhléns. or Muji’s own website.
3. Clinique Anti-blemish solution ansiktsmask – This facial mask is also coming back to my bathroom. Since I’ve been fighting with adult acne a couple of years now I am really careful what I use. Both when it comes to make-up and creams. And this one is especially for skin with those problems. I think this one cleans really good and you can use it two times per week.  3-5 minutes and the your good to clean. I just love it. Here I buy mine här.
4. Peter Thomas Roth – Even this oil is a favorite that I’ve blogged about earlier. It’s a must in my skin care routine. Since I bought it for the first time, I still have to order it as soon as it reaches its end. It’s an oil that does not feel like an oil on the skin. It’s more like an oil-like product that is light, clear and odorless, made of sugar cane. Completely natural. You can use it for the hair, body, nail band and face. If you have acne, it’s absolutely good, nothing that gives bigger problems. I buy my from Cocopanda.
5. Scrunchies –I thought it was so ugly when I saw it was popular again. I’ve already used it during my childhood. BUT, when I got one from my mother and sister, I just wanted more. How can I not even have thought of using scrunchies for my hair? !! I always have problems with regular rubber bands as my curls always get stuck and torn apart. I’m sorry 80’s but they are not going back to you! Available to buy anywhere in town and online.

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