5 things to do when you’re at parental leave

Well, I am not an expert since this is the first time I am home with a baby. It’s been two month and almost a half now. I am still in this messy bubble. They days run by fast but I’m starting to find some kind of routines. I am not superwoman but I am getting used to it. What do I do know when I am home? First of all I don’t book too much. It will be too stressful and now I need to put Elena first. But here are some advice of what you can do.

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

Plan the next vacay if you want to travel with you new family member. We will, but we will wait till she has got her vaccinations etc. But why not to search on google and see what next stop will be.

Read magazines! Skip the iPhone and relax with some nice article of interest. At least for a couple of minutes.

Blog! If you always wanted to blog like many others why not start now? Friends and family will enjoy while they are at work to see what’s going on at home with the little toddler. It’s fun, it’s creative and if you love taking pics even better.

Make sure to work out. It makes you feel stronger, get back in shape and happier. It’s a big change to become a mother, but it is really important to take care of yourself so you can be happy and satisfied with your baby. Those days when I get the chance to work out or practice yoga I feel so much stronger even if I didn’t get so much sleep. Though I am careful now after delivery. Important to listen to the body and not to go out too hard.

And the last one, most important thing. Rest whenever you feel like it. As I wrote in the beginning, don’t fill you schedule with things everyday. You need your rest plus your baby wont allow you to do whatever you want like before. I was first stressed when I felt like some days is just about breastfeeding and making sure Elena is satisfied. Now, I have come to realized that I also need to give myself that rest so then it’s perfect to take those naps with Elena. So good!

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