6 favourites

Favourites that I have this fall and I basically use every day can be found here! New and something old. New iPhone 7, clearly the favorite. Maria Akerberg cold-pressed almond oil, super but best to use before going to bed. Works for the whole body, and oil is best for me to cold time otherwise the I like a piece of sandpaper. I usually mix the oil on the body and then another fat cream, making it easier to get through the entire body. My fingerless gloves from UNMADE Copenhagen, ordered at, not expensive! I have finally fixed the new battery in my watch. This was a gift when I graduated (2007) from Mom and Sis. My favorite watch, sees no need to buy a new one. Love it! A model that does not exist today, which makes it a little more fun. And finally my favorite rings as you have seen in pictures now and then. I have them almost all the time. Fits everything. The blue Swarovski crystal is from Caroline Svedbom, she makes gorgeous jewelry for not expensive money. It is brass plated jewelry with silver (also available in gold) and Pandora silver ring that I got this summer as a birthday gift from my husband in Montenegro. I picked it out and it’s perfect in size and shape. 


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