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    Baby Timberlands

    Well of course my baby is gonna have something that I will have on me! My nieces have had these cute Timberlands and now it’s our turn to use them. I ordered for me since I don’t have any shoes for winter and what will be perfect then wearing them together! But she won’t be able to wear them maybe until February or March. The weather here is gonna make it possible at that time anyway 😀 Happy Friday!

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    LBD – always working even when you are pregnant!

    So last weekend we were celebrating a couple of birthdays. My husbands, my mothers and a friend of ours. It’s difficult to find what to wear in my wardrobe, don’t have so many things now left that is in my size. I love colors but it’s never bad with all just black. Perfect when you are pregnant too, makes you feel even more secure and beautiful somehow. Strange! This dress is perfect as it stretches out and falls nicely. My sister bought it while her pregnancy and then gave it to me, I am so thankful since it is so comfortable. High heels is of course working, I’m not swollen…

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    What to wear this fall

    So, fall is here. We can tell. And what’s not perfect then going out and look for a new cozy coat or jacket? Here are a few that I have found from some of my favorit stores. Have a look and see what can fit you!  H&M &Other stories Whistles Stella Nova Moss Copenhagen Cos

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    Todays look

    Today is just a normal day. The degrees here at home has really just changed in a night. So jeans on and a cardigan. My bump is growing and she is kicking much more….Or maybe just that I feel her more since she is getting bigger. My sleep is not as it used to be and it’s not gonna be like that in the future either. I need to get used to it. Have a great Tuesday!

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    Me today

    It’s gonna continue, as I wrote before, with a nice weather today. Maybe I’m boring right now with choice of clothes! But I haven’t made a big wardrobe of maternity clothes since I think it’s no needed too much. I will only buy when I feel like I need and maybe some size bigger for winter before delivery if it turns out that the maternity trousers and jeans I already have gets too small. But enough said about that. Oh, by the way same accessories as yesterday except I forgot the ring here. Check the post here from yesterday from what brands. Today is the middle of the week and…

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    Todays accessories

    I was wearing these things today. The sun glasses is from Gucci but very old model, maybe from 2009? Can’t remember. The scarf I got from my mum this weekend when I helped her clean out her wardrobe. Also old but so nice and I love the brown rust color. The earrings I got from my friend as birthday gift two weeks ago, they are from a brand called Syster P, love their jewelry. The ring I have had on pic before, also birthday gift this summer, brand Caroline Svedbom. Also favorit brand! And last thing, the bracelet is from my grandma, she bought it for me when she was in…