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    What I’m wearing for the birthday party today

    Today we celebrate an old friend’s birthday. I hope I do not get too hot in these clothes otherwise it might be really bad: P I think I can handle it, but it has been so incredibly warm. But I love the heat, so definitely don’t want to complain. But I can say that while I’m writing this I’m sitting in just a top and mommy underwear with the window open for fresh air! It is so nice. Feeling like Carrie in SATC, hehe. Without the cigarette and not ripped belly. I’m going to make sure to take pictures of me later. We still have not bought a big mirror. I’ll…

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    Friday evening in Lomma

    Last night, Mum, sis and I decided that we would go somewhere to sit outside. Why not go to cozy Lomma just outside Malmö. For those who do not know Lomma, it’s a cozy little harbor town at the far west of Skåne. Absolutely a smaller town I could have imagined to live in. Here is a nice beach that is getting full of people when it’s hot these days. You have to be out in a good time to get a spot. Now that I’m pregnant, I like to have loose and comfortable clothes, preferably in cotton. Should it be a tight dress or shirt then it must feel…

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    Worn jeans shorts and a statement t-shirt

    We all are longing for the summer. I always think of lovely, worn jeans with a statement t-shirt that is loose against the body. This summer (maybe it’s possible to spend the holidays when our Swedish summer can not promise anything) I want to go in jeans shorts, cozy top, nice ballerina (like these from Chloé), nice glasses, big jewelry as well as bronzer. I do not want to be neutral, minimalist. That is not really me. Sometimes maybe. No, I want to be myself. Colorful and amazing.  These things I found as inspiration for summer.

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    Straw dream

    Last summer I didn’t buy a strawbag for me! Sounds like a stupid problem. But every time the season gets started for these bags, I always say to myself to buy one but can never decide! But this year, I’m going to get on and not wait. Life is now. So, here I have picked up some really nice for some inspiration. God, I can’t decide.  

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    Pink blouse

    Today I wore a new blouse. I love blouses! This one I bought from the danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten.  Their clothes are crazy lovely. I forgot to take a picture on me wearing it. I need to get better with the selfies again. But winter is heavy and dark. So I don’t get so much inspiration at this time of the year. But it’s coming spring soon hopefully. 

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    New add ups

      New things at my place. I bought myself a blush from Dior. I’m not too happy about it. The package is maybe more beautiful, that’s why you buy it.  New colors for the eyes! Thanks sis, I really needed that and they are great.  I usually always buy Mac mascara and I mean for the last 6-7 years but why not try something else so I bought this from Max Factor! I’m sorry Mac 😉 But you ain’t got it this time. Caroline Svedbom family is in my home. I love her jewelry.  And till the end, Pro Hygiene. Works good for cleaning. And not too expensive. Oops, I almost forgot, Clinique,…

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    Glasses and layer-on-layer

    This is my look today. Love preppy and layer-on-layer, both with clothes and jewelry. Here I’m wearing a blouse from Whistles, bought it before spring this year so there is unfortunately no more but check out their clothes. Love them (have worked for them many years ago now). The chunky cardigan is also Whistles, which I bought in 2009 I think, so you can call it vintage now. And my glasses, yes there’s strength. These are actually from Kylie Minogue, I had no idea that she have her own line. Very good price and I like the model on my.