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    Me today

    It’s gonna continue, as I wrote before, with a nice weather today. Maybe I’m boring right now with choice of clothes! But I haven’t made a big wardrobe of maternity clothes since I think it’s no needed too much. I will only buy when I feel like I need and maybe some size bigger for winter before delivery if it turns out that the maternity trousers and jeans I already have gets too small. But enough said about that. Oh, by the way same accessories as yesterday except I forgot the ring here. Check the post here from yesterday from what brands.

    Today is the middle of the week and I love it. It’s close to weekend and you start to think of plans what to do. Maybe a picnic with your partner or a nice visit to a restaurant? Your choice. I know already that on Saturday I will continue helping my mum out with her packing of stuff. She is moving in to us next week as they are gonna renovate her apartment. I’m so excited to see the finish result! I promise to make sure to take before and after pictures on this. Since it’s gonna be a huge change. It’s everything from top to toe. Todays people are crazy about renovations, don’t know why but we just are. I am for sure. Love to see how different you can make it from before. Heading to town soon. Cao!

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    Todays accessories

    I was wearing these things today. The sun glasses is from Gucci but very old model, maybe from 2009? Can’t remember. The scarf I got from my mum this weekend when I helped her clean out her wardrobe. Also old but so nice and I love the brown rust color. The earrings I got from my friend as birthday gift two weeks ago, they are from a brand called Syster P, love their jewelry. The ring I have had on pic before, also birthday gift this summer, brand Caroline Svedbom. Also favorit brand! And last thing, the bracelet is from my grandma, she bought it for me when she was in Spain. It’s made out of shells. So pretty for summer time. 

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    Outfit transition from summer to fall

    This can be tricky when it comes to clothing. It’s a little chilly but not too chilly to start wearing the whole fall outfit. I always think it’s difficult what to wear and here in Scandinavia we can never trust the weather. Either it’s windy, rainy to then suddenly the clouds are breaking up and it gets sunny again. Especially in our town Malmo it can often be windy since it’s by the ocean. So, I figured that I might post something about this. How to get dressed for after-summer pre-fall clothing. I found nice inspiration to go for and this I’ll share with me here. Look at these nice outfits down below.

    Pic from here
    I have never myself been wearing too much white since I am always making a stain or something. So I’ve been careful with the color but it’s so beautiful, especially like this. I like how they done layer on layer but it still feels like summer. The knitwear is fall and the sandals are just summer. I don’t want to cover my toes until I have to.

    Pic from here
    This blush is so nice mixed with a bit of orange. I love how those two colors mix so well. Here with the nice coat for fall but still showing ankles and toes. Just perfect!

    Pic from here
    And the last cool outfit is of course jeans on top of jeans. I was scared before to mix jeans but now I think it’s so nice. I can’t wait to wear my old jeans since I can only wear maternity jeans now. 

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    Tired pregnant lady

    So, I wanted to make sure to take pictures before going to my mum but it didn’t happened. When we came home my husband took but I was too tired to even get serious to take some pics. While helping my mum packing I also made sure to take a nap over there. This is me, tired pregnant lady. But let’s enjoy these few! I am still able to wear a dress that I normally have summer times on me. The white blouse is also something I usually wear but this time it’s not possible to close anymore. So no maternity clothes here! This dress is so old but I love it. I bought it from Oasis a couple of years ago and I haven’t wanted to get rid of it and good I didn’t. Since it’s so comfy. Also they don’t make this model anymore, which I thought they might do. Lucky me I have this and another one in a different color. 

    Here i don’t know what I am doing…but cute. 

    My favorit sandals this summer. The sandals and bag is from H&M.  

    The weekend offered football game, hanging out with mum and eating shell fishes with homemade spring rolls on Friday evening. This was our own little mix to eat like that and it was really good. Instead of putting those small prawns in the springrolls we ate them on the sid and with some nice dip to it. My pregnant mind was just craving for shell fish and springrolls plus a beer without alcohol of course.

    Also I practiced yoga. Saturday was warm inside so I could only wear my bikini lower part and my soft Calvin Klein top. So no big things this weekend except hanging out with those people I love the most. 

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    Yesterdays evening

    Yesterday we went to the ocean to get some nice fresh air. It was a little chilly in the air but so nice and soothing. That’s why I’m wearing my chunky cable cardigan. My stomach is the hiding in the bigger size of clothes. I’m just wearing some soft shorts and a blouse from H&M and the sandals you have seen before. I bought these things in the beginning of summer. The shorts I bought in a on size bigger since I thought these would be perfect for my pregnancy and they have been really useful and so comfortable. I regret I didn’t buy one more pair but now I feel summer is probably go to it’s end soon here in Sweden. Or maybe I’m wrong. My bag is from Longchamp. Check more of their colors. Never thought I would have this packback model on me again after school! But it’s the best for the back, also biking around town. I really recommend it. 

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    Weekend outfit

    Weekend outfit. I was wearing a summerdress/beachdress
    from Calzedonia, hat I bought from
    Belgrade and the bag is from H&M home but I changed bag haha,
    as you can see on the pictures from yesterday. 
    Yesterday I put some pictures up, you can find them here.