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When I know something is good for you I like to share

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    Tonights dinner

    I made a really yummie dinner tonight. White fish with a shrimp sauce, fresh shrimps on the top, mashed broccoli and a maché salad mixed with tomatoes. Healthy and good!

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    Daily workout from TIU

    So, I print screened these pics from the Tone it up app. I recommend you to download the app cause it’s really good. The daily moves you can see everyday but if you want to have access for the videos you need to pay a montly/yearly fee and it is not expensive. So worth it. This was my workout today and I also put some extra with arms.

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    Simple healthy salad

    I just made a simple salad today. We made springrolls this weekedn and still have the dressing/dipp and shrimps left. So I just added som veggies, natural cashew nuts and mixed it all together. Nothing complicated. The pink dressing is from light mayo with sriracha chili and the brown one is a mix with peanut butter, soya sauce and some sweet chili if I remember correct. Simple and delicious.

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    My 5 fav things right now

    So, it’s been awhile since I put up latest five favorite things right now. Let’s start!

    New in my beauty collection is the Lipid-Balance Cleansing oil Medik8 and Advance day eye protect. Love this brand. It’s now three years since I started to use it and I’m still loving it for my skin. Check their official website for more info.
    Since I am mostly at home and also have a couple of pounds left until I fit all of my clothes, to cheer me up I want to look good and feel good at home. So, I ordered first the grey outfit from H&M home and I love it so much so I ordered the blush one too! I’ve linked it for you.
    This little key bag from Longchamp. It’s not new, had it a year now and still loving it. Perfect for me to always know where my keys are.
    My Timberland and Peak Performance winter jacket, long model. This has been perfect for me. Last time I was wearing Timberlands I think I was 11 years old or something.

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    Postpartum week 9

    I have been really careful after delivery with my body. I started after five days to take small walks outside with Elena. But it was really short once. Like only around the corner and then I was exhausted. Now, after two month I can finally start soft with my yoga and taking myself down to the gym. I am still recovering so be aware of that I am listening to my body.

    I put this picture a couple of days ago. This is from this week. So postpartum 9 weeks I think. The stomach is going back slowly. The first couple of days I was still happy to have my stomach after Elena. I was sentimental and missing her in the belly but now it feels good to get back on track.

    As I have mentioned before I’ve been following Tone it up. I have their app and love their workouts. It’s a big community as well for women and it keeps me so positive when it comes to workout and health. I have been a member since 2013 and still loving it. It is a lifestyle not just some stupid diet to finish with after.

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    Let yourself feel your feelings

    Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

    It’s Monday again and maybe for some this can be a little stressful, creates anxiety or non of it. We like to blame on things like work or something else that’s given us those feelings. But if we are  honest and true to ourself it’s the mind and the thoughts who is playing with us. And once you come to realize that this means nothing dangerous or bad, life will get so much easier. I can see much more information on internet and newspapers how to work your mental health. They make it seems so easy for people to think that if you only do this you will be free from whatever is your problem. But this is wrong. 
       When I started to practice yoga, and not just going to classes, I also wanted to read about it. To fully understand it’s meaning. I am not there yet at all. I think it’s a long way if not your whole life to learn. But one thing that made my practice so much more easier was to understand that it doesn’t mean to shut out your thoughts while practicing. In the beginning I could get so nervous and putting pressure on myself. I was thinking more to not to think because I thought this was the way. To do yoga you need to NOT TO THINK. How crazy is that. It’s impossible. The mind is it’s own little place and wants to wander around. 
       I read and learnt from teachers not to punish yourself. We are made like this. All the feelings that we have, good or bad, is something that creates us as humans. If you feel sad, yoga wants you to feel that feeling. It wants you to be aware and let it fall over you. Because thats the way of letting it go when it’s time for that. So, everything has it’s time. And don’t think that you can train your brain into one way or direction. Life is suppose to go up and down.