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    New add ups

      New things at my place. I bought myself a blush from Dior. I’m not too happy about it. The package is maybe more beautiful, that’s why you buy it.  New colors for the eyes! Thanks sis, I really needed that and they are great.  I usually always buy Mac mascara and I mean for the last 6-7 years but why not try something else so I bought this from Max Factor! I’m sorry Mac 😉 But you ain’t got it this time. Caroline Svedbom family is in my home. I love her jewelry.  And till the end, Pro Hygiene. Works good for cleaning. And not too expensive. Oops, I almost forgot, Clinique,…

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    Lemonade with lemon and fresh basil

    Today it is a really boring day. I mean the weather. Finally I have two days off but the weather is bad. It is never fair. So, I went to buy an Elle magazine, mixed a lemonade for me and just lean back.  Ingredients to my lemonade: Lemon, agave syrup, some grated ginger and some leaf of basil. Easy peasy!

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    New beauty stuff

    I’ve updated my in my bathroom from Deodoc intimvård, really nice products. Also a new ring from Camilla Ekberg Design, simple but cute. I ordered Vichys Hyalospot, to put on those small acne spots that is messing with my face. Hope it’s good!

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      / Going Hollywood glam! I think Hudoteket have different products, some brands that I don’t even know. But this time I wanted to have a new eye shadow so I brought home one of the bareMinerals. Super nice colors, but I had hoped for a little more strength of the dark color. I want this green color on the eyes but the result was not quite as I wanted, but it works for now. But should not stop my search for the right strength. I’ll probably need to get a turn to Mac cosmetics, or what do you think?

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    // I brought home this cleaning makeup brushes a while ago. I feel quite satisfied with the result … if you’re going to notice something. I try to make sure to wipe off every time I apply makeup on me. It get extremely dirty and all kind of bacterials in the brushes. This Idunprodukt I got home from here. It is affordable, I have previously paid more expensive for a similar product but feel it should not have to cost that much to clean, right?

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      // I got this roll-on fragrance oil from my friend. It is so nice about it, The Goddess line. Parvati is the goddess of the mountains in Indian mythology, the daughter of the Himalayas and the wife of Shiva. She is portrayed as a very beautiful woman and impersonating her husband’s power. Her husband Shiva has given half of his body to her to never be separated from her. There is more about her but I keep it brief. I think it’s a nice symbol and that it ended up with me. A handmade perfume in NYC with almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, antioxidants and more useful. No…