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When I know something is good for you I like to share

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    Workout and food

     I love the Tone it upplan. I’ve been having a membership since 2013 and I’m so satisfied. I finally got balanced in my food and workout. My body weight do not jump up and down anymore. Even better now is that they have now workout for pregnant women and it’s just right for my situation. Check them out here Toneitup .   

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    Early morning

    I couldn’t close my eyes this morning. After trying to re-sleep during 45 min Igave up. I took my yoga mat and started my practise. Perfect instead of lying in bed thinking how to sleep more.

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    Refill at home

    I’ve filled up my bathroom with my Medik8 products. Perfect for my skin. I really recommend their products. They deliver what they promise to do.

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    New add ups

      New things at my place. I bought myself a blush from Dior. I’m not too happy about it. The package is maybe more beautiful, that’s why you buy it.  New colors for the eyes! Thanks sis, I really needed that and they are great.  I usually always buy Mac mascara and I mean for the last 6-7 years but why not try something else so I bought this from Max Factor! I’m sorry Mac 😉 But you ain’t got it this time. Caroline Svedbom family is in my home. I love her jewelry.  And till the end, Pro Hygiene. Works good for cleaning. And not too expensive. Oops, I almost forgot, Clinique,…