• Interior

    Art deco lamp

    This old vintage lamp I think I have had for a decay! No, serious. It’s been with me so long, ever since my first apartment. But what I wanted to do all the time was to throw the old lamp shade, I was even thinking of get rid of the whole lamp since I was so tired of it. But now, I’m happy that my mind caught up with me to NOT to do it!. It’s a beautiful stand with marble and brass so it’s a bit heavy.    I have been trying for months to find a special lamp shade, but either they are way to expensive or not…

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    IKEA purchase

    I can for sure say that I’m really satisfied with this purchase from IKEA. This classic couch you can for sure see in many homes. I was first imagining some other couch or nice chair to have. But then I also wanted something cozy and gentle. As we tried this in the store and discussed back and forth we finally made a decision. So now, after been having it at home for about three weeks, I love it more and more. It’s is as it looks like, comfortable! You can of course get it in other colors. We bought the safe color to not be scared of mixing with pillows…

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    Old stuff mixed with new

    As I wrote before I was stying at my mums place this weekend. She has been helping me out now while having some pain and difficulties to walk. But, anyway, I took some pictures on my old room (todays guestroom). She’s gonna renovate, as you can see, the wallpapers are old and the floor aswell. But I just love how she combined som stuff in the room. This nice orange metallic stool from IKEA looks nicer now with this mint coloured pillow that we found on sale at Lagerhaus. They have really fun stuff and everything with color! Also this wooden old towel stand, don’t know if that’s the name,…

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    I’ve tidied my closet

    You know the wardrobe that everyone has at home, or some with a walk-in closet. How tidy is it and how often do you clean? When I open to take clothes in the morning I get irritated because I can not find anything. The inspiration disappears as fast as the lightning and the desire to even get dressed in something is dying. Anyone who recognize themselves? I have opened my wardrobe countless many times and thought “now I should tidy up” … So I took a picture and then I started to fold, and fold and organize.    These organizers are from IKEA. A supersmart sulution if you don’t have…

  • Interior,  Our renovation

    Our renovation

    I have wanted to share a little bit before and after pictures on our starting point of renovation our apartment. I’ve cut a little collage from first moving in photos till today. I think we have done a good job. The apartment feels like new and smells new. All the old wallpapers, even those that were hidden from the previous renovation, are completely gone. We’re down to the concrete to get rid of everything. Nothing cheated here. The floor we decided to keep as we thought it was in good condition. All lists are also changed. I’m glad we made those small decisions. It’s not easy to renovate but once…

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    Put your jewels in place

    For me not to loose my earrings, rings and other jewels I have decorated with small beautiful bowls at home. For example this golden heart is from H&M home. I usually have it by the bed. This is the best way for me not to loose small things, especially small earrings. So, go and buy different nice bowls or take a mini porcelain plate to keep it in.

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    New posters

    I promised yesterday at Instagram to post pictures when I got my posters and here they are. I offer an extra post today, usually add up three per day but today you are the lucky one! Okay, I have not done anything unique. Many interior homes have posters and maybe it’s not over the special. But it’s so nice, I just can not get tired of it. and also, I would love to collect art but it is far too expensive for what our economy allows. So then this is a smart way to have some nice art at home and for not alot of money.    I’ve started with…