Old stuff, new stuff and my home

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    New decor at home

    As I wrote yesterday I was out getting some nice fresh pampas for my vases. And look how pretty it turned out to be! It’s nice to make a change from now and then. It makes some kind of a outdoor feeling. I have also placed in the hallway but I will put pictures on that later or another time to not get to much of pampas day 😀 Have a great Monday. I’m gonna get to the library today as I want to look att some books in math. Not my subject but while I’m off work I want to get some extra subjects into my portfolio and one…

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    What I’ve been up to this Sunday

    So, I haven’t done too much this Sunday. I’ve been wanting to get some nice pampas here at home but it’s been difficult to find in the stores. So finally I took my heavy body up from the couch, off away on the bike and down to the beach. I was not sure if I would find any because I never really thought that we would have there, since I usually just see green bushes, trees and other plants. But by the laguna I luckily found for me! So I draged with me home a whole bunch of it. I will put more pics another day for you to see…

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    Pillow cases

    I like to see changes here at home from time to time. I think the easiest way is simple things as the pillow cases. I tend to see what’s on sale and make sure to buy home a couple. And then just to change when you feel like it. For spring and summer I changed to light colors with some blush pink and light turquoise but now when fall is coming closer I want to change to those nice brown, yellow and red colors. I still want to keep it a bit lighter since the color of the couch is in this blue gray or how-to-call-it color. Check at H&Ms for nice…

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    New interior details

    When we was out by the ocean this summer I couldn’t help myself to pick up this rock. Why a rock, so boring, but I was thinking that it’s gonna do good here at home. So I took three in different sizes. Since fall is coming soon and that says it’s time for candles again, I have purchased these three plus the small stone tray for them.    What I like to do is to mix with shapes and here I have done so. It makes it more alive and the eye wants to look around to find interesting things. I think it turned out really good, better then I…

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    One key decor to have at home when fall comes

    Like in fashion you have some key items or like they call, little black dress. So, whats the key items at home then? I think when fall comes it’s definitely the candles. I bought this light blue candle and the cream white candle stand is from Bloomingville. It’s from their spring summer collection so I was lucky to get it on sale. But check out their interior, so beautiful. 

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    Gift to a friend – DIY

    I love to get flowers and it’s more fun to give away. I had lunch with a friend this week and it was her birthday a couple of days ago. So I already had one little palett flower ready to get into new soil. I was lucky to find this nice pot that is new for the season in one of my favorit stores Lagerhaus. After I just took a golden paper bag that I have bought a bunch off from before to have for occasion like this, to give away things in. I needed to cut on the sides a little for the pot to have some space. Then…

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    Suddenly not so warm

    The air is more fresh now and the breeze is cooling the body temperature down. Though I am a summer person this is just prefect for me now. My pregnancy is enough heating me up, sometimes I don’t know what to do with my body. It’s too warm to sit, too tired to stand and to lie down doesn’t help always. So thank you weather for being nice to me. It’s Saturday and I’m spending my time with my mum. As I’ve been writing before, she is packing because soon they will start to renovate here. She is gonna live with us during the renovation. So now my home is…