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    It’s Thursday and I’m giving baskets to you! I don’t know if it’s something that’s modern right now or actually always has been popular but coming and going. Anyway, I am crazy about baskets! I love all Instagram accounts with lovely interior including baskets. It’s so beautiful but somehow so easy. It’s a great way to storage things and I think it never gets bored. Here are som of my collection. I think it will get bigger in time, can’t help myself!

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    Favorite seat in the living room

    I’m so bad! I was suppose to take pics from my lunch today and didn’t so. Sorry about that. But now I’m home and resting and looking in new magazines from stores of interior. It’s new season and stores like IKEA, Mio and other big chains are always sending out their new  magazines full of pages with new stuff to dig into. I love it. So resting with my belly in the favorit furniture in the living room. Of course from IKEA!  

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    Baby stuff – The Moses basket

    Okey, I haven’t posted so much with baby stuff but here I go. So, I couldn’t help myself to have one of these Moses baskets for our little one. They are so pretty and cute. I chose the one with apricot color. I said to my mum if you find this basket just order at once! And so she did. I love it so much and it’s possible to take off the fabric and just have it nice and natural with pillows and blankets. I’ll show you another time. But for now, this it how it looks. Maybe some people think it’s unnecessary to have but I think it’s a…

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    The bedroom colors

    I have had these colors now but I feel like I would like to change to some light yellow ones with rust brown or red. I’ve seen H&Ms collections for the fall and it’s so beautiful. It’s strong colors as the autumn leaves that’s gonna come soon, not yet! We still aren’t done with the bedroom, I’m missing some paintings, curtains and a small bureau but all in time. I like it how it is now. Clean and simple. Makes us feel calm and you sleep very good in there. Will I ever be able to move! Cause I really love our home. I will put pictures in another post…

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    Art deco lamp

    This old vintage lamp I think I have had for a decay! No, serious. It’s been with me so long, ever since my first apartment. But what I wanted to do all the time was to throw the old lamp shade, I was even thinking of get rid of the whole lamp since I was so tired of it. But now, I’m happy that my mind caught up with me to NOT to do it!. It’s a beautiful stand with marble and brass so it’s a bit heavy.    I have been trying for months to find a special lamp shade, but either they are way to expensive or not…

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    IKEA purchase

    I can for sure say that I’m really satisfied with this purchase from IKEA. This classic couch you can for sure see in many homes. I was first imagining some other couch or nice chair to have. But then I also wanted something cozy and gentle. As we tried this in the store and discussed back and forth we finally made a decision. So now, after been having it at home for about three weeks, I love it more and more. It’s is as it looks like, comfortable! You can of course get it in other colors. We bought the safe color to not be scared of mixing with pillows…

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    Continuing summer till September

    We have had a great summer this year. I don’t know how many time I have repeated myself but it’s true. And if you would live in Sweden then you would definitely understand what I’m talking about. It’s been so dry that it has been burning fires, big news etc. Like it happens in our south part of Europe when it’s too hot. Can you believe that it has happened here in Sweden too?! What a chock huh. But now, we have finally had some rain over the weekend and it feels like a real swedish summer. No, honestly I’ve been very happy with the heat though it’s been crazy…