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    How I finished the day

    Today I visit a friend with little Elena. And I regret I didn’t take some pics but I was focusing to be there not in the phone. We had a nice time as always 😀 She is expecting her second child and I can’t wait. It’s so cozy and cute with babies! I finished my day with cutting and refreshing my bouquet from last week and look how nice it turned out to be. See ya tomorrow! Good night 🙂

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    Gift for Elenas birth

    Everything has gone so fast since Elenas birthday 6th december 2018. She is going in to her third leap this week now. It has to do with the mental development. I haven’t had time to blog and be myself. All focus is on her. I have written this before and I’m just repeating myself now. I wanted to show this gift earlier that she got from her grandmother and aunt. It’s the danish design Kay Bojesen, wooden handmade famous monkey. So, until she will have her own room I am borrowing the monkey for our decor. I love it and need to buy for myself as well in the future.…

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    Home for Xmas

    It’s Monday and first week in December. This year has really been crazy. It has been a great year I think. We renovated our flat, big news expecting our first baby, I got to spend almost the whole summer with my sister and her kids and now this Christmas we are going to be so many people gathered together. My husbands family is coming to Sweden, since they don’t live here, plus sis and her family will visit us from Stockholm. So this holiday we are going to be so many people! Usually it is a puzzle to see how to do during the holidays but since we are expecting…

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    Expected delivery date and decorating at home

    Today is the “expected” date for delivering but I can say, nothing yet! She is moving so nice in there and I think she will stay a couple of days longer. But this is something I expected and not to get disappointed. But suddenly I am more nervous and scared then I have been until now during these 9 months. I’m scared of how it’s gonna be, how is the pain gonna feel and all these questions of the unknow. The thought of not having control of the situation is also scary. So many things. All I can do is to rest, trying to prepare mentally and enjoy these last…

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    Candle stick for 1st advent

    This is the week, or should I say week 40! And she is expected now on Thursday. We will see what will happen. But since Christmas is coming up, and first advent is on Sunday I started to prepare slowly here at home. It’s not fully decorated and I am not sure how much of that I will do. But important is to have candles for advent. So this candlestick, I bought one day ago and the white dinner candles. I think it looks nice and modern. Gives a nice clean feeling. As you can see there is ginger bread cookies on the table as I have already been craving…

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    Fill up with candy like grandmother

    I feel like this time of the year is perfect to prepare the home with some candy around the house. I remember coming home to my grandparents and they always had a bowl of some kind of candy. But just a small bowl, not gigantic with tons of candies. And today I really appreciate that. I want my home to be inviting for family and friends coming over. So next time you are doing some grocery shopping, buy some nicer candy to decorate with at home. It’s Friday and I am going to my midwife today to see that everything is fine with baby and me. I always gets to…

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    Couch cuddle

    I think I have written before that during my pregnancy I’ve been crazy about fruits like clementines and orange. Well, everything that has been with C-vitamins. In the beginning I was all about strawberries and blueberries but the season is not for those fruits right now. Today is cold outside, I’m gonna cuddle down in the couch and continuing watching series as I wrote before.