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    Changing-mat and other baby stuff

    So, here are the last from my latest order for baby. It’s crazy how many things there are to buy but my advice is, buy only what’s necessary. There are so many things that’s suppose to make this and that easier but I always have in mind, how did our parents manage without all this material things that’s existing today? They managed just fine and I am a bit old school there. I understand the industry wants to make money and it’s easy to get captured away, especially when it’s the first baby. But then I also see on second hand how people suddenly just sell off new things.  It’s…

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    New baby stuff

    So, these last couple of weeks I haven’t been blogging so much. Always when fall is coming I loose a little of my inspiration. Even though I think it’s so cozy now since we had a really good summer, I always need to get used to fall and that it is getting darker. But this winter, I actually look forward too. We are so excited here at home and can’t wait till our little girls is arriving. It will be November soon and we have still some things to prepare for until she is here. These are some new cute stuff that we have ordered. The big play blanket is…

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    When you move for the first time

    Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash As a young person and to move for the first time it’s a very big change in your life. It’s exciting but also scary. Suddenly you need to take responsibility for you own place, your own bills to pay and maybe no more asking mum or dad for help financially. While working as realtor I saw many young people coming to buy their first flat/studio. Many of them had help from their parents and some managed it by themselves. I always loved to give the right advice to them and see them happy after signing the papers.  I want to share some simple advice to you who are…

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    Third trimester

    So, now I’m in third trimester. Stomach is getting rounder, she is kicking stronger inside and I’m getting heavier. But it’s all good. My hip doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been able to work out light here at home. Powerwalks hasn’t been so easy cause it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, so I’ve been using the bike instead. I have around 81 days left according to the app, maybe she will be early or late, we will see. We still have things to prepare at home, and some small things to buy. I am starting to use more and more of my husbands clothes like bigger jumpers etc, not the…

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    5 Good things: To buy for your new home

    Since been working as a realtor a couple of years plus my own experience of moving around I think I have learnt a few lessons or two. It’s a lot of things to think about when moving. I’ve seen people stressed when moving and forgetting things etc. I think there are some few things to have in mind and that’s important to buy when moving. It’s not about new furnitures or some fancy lamp it’s more about the practical things such as:   1. Shower curtain – Depends if the bathroom needs one or not but I think this is a good  thing always to buy a new one. I…

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    Place of meditation

    Today I biked down to the lagun and just stoped there for awhile. The smell of the ocean made me so calm and the stillness made me feel like it’s time to meditate. You can meditate were ever but to be outside, in the nature, that is really the best. It’s like you are connecting your whole body and mind with the earth. My soul gets full of energy and the ocean is giving me that. I need to remind myself to meditate out here more often, well, at least until it’s starting to get cold. Cause today was just that perfect day, with the perfect breeze. Warm nice breeze…

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    Yesterday evening

    We had some friends coming over yesterday so some snacks is always working. A nice evening with talking about everything and nothing 😀 After I was exhausted and fell a sleep real quick. The weekends are going by so quick but that is how it is when you have fun!  My hair was sooo frizzy yesterday!