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    About last night – home in the sofa

    Friday evening and of course this pregnant woman just want to relax in front of the tv with her husband. We are hooked on Netflix serie Narcos, season three now. No better way to lit candles, cuddle down and enjoy. Hope you had a nice Friday evening too!

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    End of trimester two

      So, I have passed 65 % of my pregnancy. I’m going into week 27 now, which means it’s the last week in trimester two. The second trimester has been easy. My hip dosen’t hurt anymore, I just hade problems to walk during three weeks and was afraid that it was the pelvic starting to make problems. This is common to happen during pregnancy but it dosen’t get better until after the pregnancy. So it seems like it hasn’t been the pelvic. I have heard a lot about different mood swing during this time but I haven’t felt so much of that. More that I felt like I can cry…

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    At the beach today

    As I wrote the other day about how to take care of the last summer days (sounds like summer is gonna end tomorrow just like that) I followed my own advice today. After cleaning and doing laundry at home I took my bathing suit on, packed my bag and jumped up on my old-school bike. I am glad I did since I was feeling a bit lazy first. I only have five minutes with the bike to get to the the beach so how can I ever be lazy for this?! Once there, I took my place, not so many people which is perfect. Not difficult to pick a spot…

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    Me today

    It’s gonna continue, as I wrote before, with a nice weather today. Maybe I’m boring right now with choice of clothes! But I haven’t made a big wardrobe of maternity clothes since I think it’s no needed too much. I will only buy when I feel like I need and maybe some size bigger for winter before delivery if it turns out that the maternity trousers and jeans I already have gets too small. But enough said about that. Oh, by the way same accessories as yesterday except I forgot the ring here. Check the post here from yesterday from what brands. Today is the middle of the week and…

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    Lunch date

    Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash It’s wonderful Wednesday and I’m going to meet a friend today for lunch. We are going to try a new place were they make Poke Bowls (so popular right now here in Sweden). I’ll make sure to take some pictures. I think a need to make a good list of my favorit lunch places in town. A good way for tourist who is visiting Malmo, Sweden, to know were to go.    Today the weather is gonna offer a nice sunny day so I’m gonna try to be out as much as possible. Have a great day!

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    Baby stuff – The Moses basket

    Okey, I haven’t posted so much with baby stuff but here I go. So, I couldn’t help myself to have one of these Moses baskets for our little one. They are so pretty and cute. I chose the one with apricot color. I said to my mum if you find this basket just order at once! And so she did. I love it so much and it’s possible to take off the fabric and just have it nice and natural with pillows and blankets. I’ll show you another time. But for now, this it how it looks. Maybe some people think it’s unnecessary to have but I think it’s a…

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    Pictures from the weekend

    I had some pictures here from this weekend. My belly is growing, I can feel her kick more and more and stronger. It’s a strong little girl there with probably a stubborn temper like her father and her mother 😀 If I sit to high up with my legs she will start to kick to let me know she needs more space. It’s hilarious how I can already feel what she wants. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. Can’t wait to meet her. The dress I am wearing is so comfortable and stretchy. It’s form the danish brand Ilse Jacobsen. They really have nice things for outdoor and indoor.