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    Yesterday evening

    We had some friends coming over yesterday so some snacks is always working. A nice evening with talking about everything and nothing 😀 After I was exhausted and fell a sleep real quick. The weekends are going by so quick but that is how it is when you have fun!  My hair was sooo frizzy yesterday!

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    Nice sunny day

    I can feel it in the air. It’s late summer now, still some nice degrees outside, not too warm but not cold yet. I want to have sandals as long as possible. I went to do some shopping for a friend earlier today, biking downtown, the leaves are slowly changing colors and the air is so fresh. I needed to get a birthday gift for her, meeting up tonight. I’ve been so lazy these couple of days with my writing and picture taking. Sorry about that but sometimes I think it’s good with a little break. The baby is growing more and more and soon I will probably don’t know…

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    5 Good things: when fall comes

    Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash I’ve listed 5 good things with summer and since fall is coming up I want to embrace the best thing about fall too. Fall always give me a little of anxiety. It’s always been like that, I have that feeling for loving it but also it makes me a bit lower comparing to summer time. So I like to remind myself what’s good and cozy with fall. Here are most important 5 things for me.  1. Chunky knitted cardigan – This is of course a must have every fall. The best is always to invest in some that is a little more expensive so you can have it…

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    Todays look

    Today is just a normal day. The degrees here at home has really just changed in a night. So jeans on and a cardigan. My bump is growing and she is kicking much more….Or maybe just that I feel her more since she is getting bigger. My sleep is not as it used to be and it’s not gonna be like that in the future either. I need to get used to it. Have a great Tuesday!

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    5 Good things: most played songs in August

    So, we are getting close to September and it’s time for me to see what I’ve been listening to lately. I have gone back a little to old songs and some new. I also just been letting some of my playlists go on repeat since I’ve been too lazy to look for something new. Let’s start with the list.   1. Marlene + Ji Nilsson – There   2. Sam Smith – Say it first   3. Nicki Minaj – Come See About Me   4. Maxwell – BLACKsummers’night album   5. Ina Wroldsen X Alok – Favela   

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    10 tip of planning you wedding – from my own experience

    I have already had my wedding but I still love all the wedding feeds on Instagram and Pinterest. I’m still following accounts that have beautiful pictures on weddings and all that belongs to it. It’s a great day and I wish I could go back in time for just that one day. Through our pictures and small short films I can. Now it’s been a year ago that we held our wedding in Belgrade, August 26, 2017. It’s our wedding anniversary today, so its wedding vibes all over. This inspired me to share how we planned our wedding and hopefully can give some advice. I thought that this might help…

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    Suddenly not so warm

    The air is more fresh now and the breeze is cooling the body temperature down. Though I am a summer person this is just prefect for me now. My pregnancy is enough heating me up, sometimes I don’t know what to do with my body. It’s too warm to sit, too tired to stand and to lie down doesn’t help always. So thank you weather for being nice to me. It’s Saturday and I’m spending my time with my mum. As I’ve been writing before, she is packing because soon they will start to renovate here. She is gonna live with us during the renovation. So now my home is…