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    What’s your next destination? – Seattle

    To travel is fun, exciting and mysterious. It gives you the feeling of freedom. But I think it’s sometimes a bit tricky to chose destinations since there is so many places I want to visit. I was watching a new program at Netflix to then see something I never thought about. Going to Seattle. The first thing we europeans think about when it comes to travel to USA is probably New York, L.A, Miami and Florida. More of course, but I never thought about Seattle. I got so inspired when I saw this on tv about how Seattle is famous for it’s houseboat living. How amazing is that? To rent and to stay there for a week. I found that there are some private people using Air bnb so just check there. Maybe you’ll stay on a houseboat next vacay! 

    since I really don’t know so much about Seattle I found out some really good information about the city.

       Seattle calls on seekers who are attracted to its urban existence. the city offers breathtaking scenery, zicksack-shaped skyscrapers and Space Needle observation tower. Here, Microsoft, Starbucks, was born, and in addition, Seattle is home to the rolling coast of Elliott Bay, a wealth of live art museums, galleries and theater companies, as well as Mount Rainier’s snow-capped top to the horizon.
     Seattle is no place for those who are looking for party around the clock. Instead, the city is characterized primarily by its rock scene, clear café culture and various cultural events. The one who wants to drink a beer or two will not be disappointed.
    In addition to some sightseeing in the city center and visits to the hundred-year-old bazaar Pike Place Market, strolling in Seattle’s best bookstore Elliott Bay Book Company and a water trip with Seattle City Boat, excursions to the above-mentioned district are preferred. A must is also beautiful Alki Beach, with the most beautiful beaches of the city, as well as Magnolia, a distant natural experience unparalleled.

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    My dream destinations

    All of us wants to do those travels we wish for. Those who hasn’t yet been planned or those you want to do again. I’ve collected some few here but trust me there is far more places I would like to visit one day. 


    1. Getting to sandy beaches with crystal blue water wouldn’t been wrong. My mom goes in February 2019 and we would love to go with her, but now we are expecting a visit from our little baby so we never booked. But we’ll enjoy her amazing pictures and maybe go next next winter. To get into the caves, wow that looks awesome!

    Lissabon, Portugal

    2. Please, take me there! I’ve been wanting to go to Portugal for so long now. Everything looks so cozy and they say if you love Barcelona then you will love Lissabon even more. I found a blog with some tip to do in Lissabon.

    Pics taken from Urban Pixxels.  Kolla in inlägget för fler tips.

    French Riviera

    3. A big dream destination. But I would like to sail around. To be able to sail around the riviera and down along Italy, Croatia etc. YEs please! All the wonderful pictures that is up on social medias. I’m just enjoying! Maybe that’s why I ordered a poster with a pic on the french riviera? 

    Kalifornien, USA

    4. Of course Cali! There are so many places in the United States that I want to see but to choose one of them, I chose California. It had been great fun to try surfing, enjoy the beautiful vibes that the people have there, good smoothies (you can do home also but a different feeling), go around and watch the splendid mansions and of course visit Hollywood. I do not say no to that. Pic from Unsplash

    There are lots of destinations, my list does not end here. But in order not to post too long, I save for next time. There is room for multiple posts and new destinations that I will post. Perhaps I give you an idea of your next destination. I hope so!

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    Buy for 1 € – house in Italy

                                                                                                                                                      Mussomeli, Sicilien
    For 1 Euro you can buy your dream house – does it sound crazy? I also thought so, but after having read on a website about this, it seems to be correct. The Italian authorities have started a project, which means they want to sell old houses, but in need of renovation, to shake the small extinct villages. Everyone wants to move to big cities, meaning villages are empty. An example is the city of Mussomeli, in Sicily, which is on a hill. Perhaps a dream that you can meet? Read more here.                                                                                                                                                        Pictures from Travel Away.

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    Summer is at its peak now. Who wants to be locked in to a boring office when it’s hot here? I understand why you have siesta in Spain. You can not work in this heat. The thoughts are wandering all the time to the beach or the long-awaited holiday that you have booked in during cold January. When the heat turns on, I always longing for a road trip. And what’s great then if not with friends, your partner or family. Take the car and hit the road! The feeling of road trip gives a sense of freedom. You are on top. One feels that you are heading somewhere beyond the horizon. You are heading out into the big world. One wants out on adventure. The fantasy flows and happiness passes through into each cell of the entire body. So what is not better then with a good car, good packing and let the roads lead you. But first, you may still have to plan a little .

    1. Make sure to go with the right person – For a trip to be as good as possible, your Thelma or Louise must be someone you may have traveled with before. If it’s your partner and you’ve never been on a road trip together, you’ll just get a chance. My experience with traveling with friends has been good and bad. Hence my advice to make sure to go with someone that you agree well with even when the map shows a road but the road is another. Irritation, fatigue, hunger and longing for toilet visits can come in between your happy mood.

    2. Plan packing – Ask the question to yourself of how long you will be away. I always think it’s  difficult to pack, regardless of a weekend trip or a two week vacation. But if you are looking for adventure, you are two single girls / single guys. Then you need to wear the right clothes so that you have a change if there is a stop in a big city like Berlin and the evening offers a bar round. It will always be fun if you feel amazing;) While in pairs, you also want the right clothes, but it will be a myth trip together on another level. A stop in Paris, a romantic dinner, then you want obviously have a change for this. I always make sure to have twice underwear per day at least and extra spare! So I always count the days and pack it after that. When it comes to clothes, I want to wear both my everyday clothes and some nicer for evenings. If you go for a car for several hours, I’d rather not have jeans shorts that span my waist. Here I chose some nice cotton dress. Shoes, sandals and heels are also packed. Heels are a must when I travel somewhere. I always have at least one pair of high heels with me were ever I go. If you have a camper or caravan, it will be much easier with things like pillow, blanket etc, but you only go with a regular car to stay at hotels, then you may lose the pack. Do not forget toothbrush and toothpaste!

    3. The music – This is so important for the roads. In order to capture the whole feeling, you have to agree on the music. This will help you to remember the glorious journey when winter sneaks on and it feels like eternity for the next summer. Then you can listen to the songs that you played on the way to Italy or the furthest of the French Riviera. So do not forget to download Spotify playlists. Because you want to say, ‘Ah, do you remember our journey ?!

    4. Food and Drink – Of course, you must make sure to add something to eat. The coffee is important, do not forget! It’s good to take a cup if you do not choose to stay at a petrol shop every time to buy coffee. But sometimes it may even be more enjoyable to stay at any beautiful place you discover along the way. Then you would like to enjoy this view with something good as a coffee.

    5. Pause – The most important of it all. Do not forget to pause. Just to push yourself to get there is not a nice roadtrip. I experienced this in my childhood. Dad was so eager that we would arrive at our destination that the trip there and back never became a fun pleasure. In this, only angry people and you do not enjoy your journey. So drop everything, instagram, facebook and any other social media. Clearly, you want to put up your photos proudly, I know I would, but you can take pictures and collect a lot of things to put them up when you are pausing and resting. Just like reading a book. I think it’s more fun to take the phone and review what’s happening online after a day with a break. But there’s nothing better to actually allow yourself to shut down.

    So good luck with your roadtrip!


    Pictures from Pinterest

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    10 Vackra kuster // 10 Beautiful coast lines


    There are so many places I would like to visit. Down below I’ve put together som beautiful coastlines that is populare and are often shown at my Pinterest. Some I’ve visit but majority is not done yet. I love Europe and I deff feel like I’m not done yet with Europe, especially the sea side. I never get tired. All pics are from Pinterest.  Enjoy!

    1. Amalfi coast Italy

    2. Pelosa, Sardinia

    3. Stinive Cove, Vis

    4. San vito lo capo, Sicily

    5. Bonifacio Corsica, France

    6. Ksamil, Albania

    7. Acromango Calibria, Italy

    8. Positano, Italy

    9. Ses Illetes, Formentera

    10. Kotor, Montenegro




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    I sommar blir det tyvärr inget Medelhav för min del. Men jag njuter av alla fina semesterbilder folk tar på Instagram och tillbaka från våra egna semestrar. Tanken var att vi skulle ner en vända till Serbien och sen Kroatien men pga att jag blev gravid så bestämde vi oss för att stanna hemma. Eller ja, mannen åker ner till sin familj i Serbien. Här får ni njuta av två somrar sedan. Bilder från Kroatien och Montenegro.

    Bara så ni vet, detta foto…#nofilter !!

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    Det var en dröm som blev sann för mig. Staden var vacker, fina byggnader och atmosfären på topp. Turistattraktionerna var gigantiska och fick oss att tappa hakan. Sacre-Coeur var verkligen mäktigt, speciellt när man äntligen tagit sig upp för den branta trappan och plötsligt fick syn på denna enorma katedral. Utsikt över hela Paris. Jag kan väl säga så att jag blev inte besviken.

    Men under resans gång hade vi oturen att vara sängliggandes en hel dag samt att vår flygresa hem blev inställd så vi kunde inte åka förrän dagen efter. Men alla resor kan inte bli hundra procent bra.

    Vi hann i alla fall se det som man kanske oftast vill se först, turistattraktioner. Shopping på Champs-Elysée, absolut lyckades jag med det dagen efter magsjukan! ;P Helt klart vill vi åka till Paris igen och uppleva det på nytt, men då inga turistställen. Jag måste erkänna att vi kände ingen stress när vi var där. Vi använde oss av buss, tåg och tunnelbana. Parisarna kändes väldigt avslappnade, inte alls som Londonborna (för att jämföra en annan storstad). I väntan på buss eller metro så blev jag inte överkörd av stressade småbarnsföräldrar med deras vagnar. Snarare tvärtom, jag kände att jag ville skynda på folk, dålig vana från andra storstäder! Vi hade tur med vädret förutom en eftermiddag då det plötsligt dundrade ner regn. Eftersom vi blev dåliga en dag så vågade vi inte experimentera med mat. Vi var för trötta för att leta efter något hippt ställe att äta på utan tog första bästa. Jag hade stora förväntningar med maten men kan tyvärr inte ge någon feed back på detta. Förhoppningsvis blir det nästa gång. Trevlig kväll!