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    Summer 2016

    //Summer is simply the best. Warm days of sunshine that warms every hair on your body, beautiful summer nights without freezing, the body gets to run free in bikini and feet will be aired throughout the day. I cannot complain about the summer. It is what I long for the most every year. The salt water against my body feels like it cleanses every cell in me. My hair is wonderfully fresh and curlier than ever. The skin is nicely sun kissed and I just love all the great jewelry that can be used. Big earrings that stands out among the curls and shimmers beautifully from the sun. But now that…

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    /Summer is almost finished down here on the Mediterranean. It has been wonderful to pause from work. It is much needed when you feel the time is not enough while the job is on the clock. Today we enjoy the last day of Montenegro and tomorrow morning we drive early first against Dubvronik where Issa drops off to take her flight home to Sweden and we continue towards Serbia. So the estimated time we are at home the night of Wednesday in Serbia. Then we have until Sunday and fly home to Malmo.

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    Enjoying last day here

    /We enjoy our last day in Croatia. After using the first days SPF 50 sunscreen to then change to last days with Hawaiin Sun Oil SPF 8. Perfect! Now what is waiting is cleaning of the house, going to bed early to then drive tomorrow morning at 6:00 am to Dubrovnik. There awaits a lovely friend of ours to be picked up from the airport and then we three on our way to Montenegro for an extra week of sun, swimming and sightseeing.

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    Lovely days

    So what is the main thing on ur vacay? U swim, sunbath, resting, eating good and repeat! The best with vacay!

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    Beautiful holiday! No thoughts about jobs, bills or other. Just pure relaxation at the beach! Sun, sea salt and lovely fresh winds.

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    Travel – Serbia

    Today we’ve just been strolling around. Among the ancient streets of the old industrial city of Pancevo, coffee break and met a cat. An ordinary day in urban Serbia. For this is where my parents are from. A forgotten country may be for some, constantly in the heart of others. And so perhaps it always has been for me . With couple of years of not visiting but now with the feeling of coming home. Strange…

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    Plannin’ n Packin’

    //Okay, I’m going to se over the last things to pack for my vacay. We are heading down to Belgrade and then take the car and further to Croatia and one turn to Montenegro. Many of us in Sweden has background from the Balkans. And what a luxury it is when there are incredible places to visit. Croatia has long been a popular destination for Scandinavians but also Montenegro on a small scale . However, I discovered last year when I was down in Belgrade how many Scandinavians were on visit. Both Norwegian, Danish and Swedes. Incredible! Now we will be gone the entire month of July and the flight leaves today.…