A little bit of pregnancy and interior

As I wrote on the latest post I truly am in a baby bubble. It feels like day and night comes together. When she sleeps I sleep, almost! I had my check up with my midwife this week and I am so happy that everything has healed perfectly, you women know what I mean. The body is truly amazing but I haven’t felt stressed at all to not be as active as I am used too. I thought I was going to feel bad after, or feel like the body is not as it’s suppose to be etc etc. But it has been the opposite. I mean, of course I have a couple of inches left to fit my jeans, but I really feel like the body is coming back slowly and nice. I think it is stupid of us women to feel stressed during and after delivery but I understand. Since everybody is posting the perfect pics on insta, when they are back in shape but then I see these beautiful women posting postpartum and showing the reality. I admire them and think they all are beautiful. And hey! We give life to this world everyday.

Okey, so I didn’t plan to wright about the pregnancy in this post at all, it just happened. So from one thing to another, interior. I finally finished the bedroom with some night stands before delivery. I have been looking and looking but in the end I felt like these Ikea Hemnes was perfect. I chose the black since I wanted to have a little more masculine feeling in the bedroom. It looks very elegant with my curtains and I have still kept calm colors. I love to sleep in our bedroom!

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