August wishlist

5 saker som jag önskar mig i augusti

Now we are already in August month.  I fix and change here at home. We are slowly preparing for a new family member even if it is a few months left. There is not really much we have to change here at home. It’s more that we want to make it feel cozy, otherwise there is a risk that we will never get done. I have collected a small list of things I wish to buy home. Maybe I may do it this month maybe not. Maybe it will be something or maybe it will be nothing at all. We also have September month.
  1. This nice rug from H&M Home would look pretty in our hallway. I like that it’s 100% cotton, I want to avoid synthetic materials. Especially now when we are gonna have a baby crawling around here at home.
  2. A nice door mat. I like this one from Designtorget.
  3. I’ve fallen in love with this table lamp. I think it would look really nice here at home. Good price also. You’ll find it here Jotex.
  4. Some nice corals at home. Not enough with the lamp but I’m in love with corals right now. Don’t know why… Also Jotex. It’s just for decorating.
  5. A new fresh shower curtain. I like this one in cotton from H&M home. We bought one cheap one from IKEA but as I really love things from there, this was a disappointment. It already after a month got discoloration. So broing. H&M HomeDesigntorgetJotex JotexH&M Home

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