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    5 Good things

    I found 5 good things and this is great to share. 5 good sneakers for fall under $100!  So check these lovely ladies out. Me myself bought Superga for the summer but in a blush color and I really love their sneakers. Buy them here Superga Buy them here Zara Buy them here Puma Buy them here Vans Buy them here Madwell x Tretorn  

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    Tired pregnant lady

    So, I wanted to make sure to take pictures before going to my mum but it didn’t happened. When we came home my husband took but I was too tired to even get serious to take some pics. While helping my mum packing I also made sure to take a nap over there. This is me, tired pregnant lady. But let’s enjoy these few! I am still able to wear a dress that I normally have summer times on me. The white blouse is also something I usually wear but this time it’s not possible to close anymore. So no maternity clothes here! This dress is so old but I…

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    End of summer

    I have noticed how the days are shorter now. By that mean the evenings are getting darker earlier on the evenings then before. I can feel how the end of summer is lingering. For us here in Sweden, I think we have finally been blessed. It’s been an unexpected warm summer and we had so much sunlight what we are not used to. So I say, we got a real boost of D-vitamin.  Now is the time to take care of the last summer days with daylight. Explore your city. Lie down in the park, go to the beach or sit outside for a cup of coffee as long as…

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    Eating pancakes and drinking coffee

    My husband are really good catching me on pictures when I am so unprepared :D. We made pancakes yesterday for brunch. And ate with my favorite jam, directly homemade from my mother-in-law in Serbia. They have a huge garden with all kinds of fruit trees and apricots are the best down there. So the jam is delicious. I’m sorry all nice and fancy jams in stores, but this one is the best. Also the jam made out of prunes is great. I can eat it with just a spoon. Today’s sunday and after waking up, eating breakfast, doing some workout for my arms and back I will help my mum…

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    Football game

    Today was game time for MFF, the football team for our town. My mother had nice vip tickets for us to sit in a nice lounge with some dinner and dessert. I’m not a big football fan but I like to learn from Sorin  (my husband) so I always try to ask as much as possible when we go to a game together. It was a good game since our team won, yeah!  I don’t know what my mother and I are doing in this picture, maybe preparing for another picture to be taken.  Behind us is the lounge were we ate. 

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    4 Healthy morning routines

    Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash During the years I have really got to know my body. I have read myself through diets, personal trainers, listened to people and so on. But I never felt I found a good way though peoples talk and advice. And absolutely not from media. Till finally I found the Tone it up community. This is made for women and not men talking about how your female body is working. Cause what do they actually know about that. We women have all things in life happening, hormones, our monthly period, more body fat and like I’m in now, a pregnancy. I never liked the advice form a man…

  • Interior

    The bedroom colors

    I have had these colors now but I feel like I would like to change to some light yellow ones with rust brown or red. I’ve seen H&Ms collections for the fall and it’s so beautiful. It’s strong colors as the autumn leaves that’s gonna come soon, not yet! We still aren’t done with the bedroom, I’m missing some paintings, curtains and a small bureau but all in time. I like it how it is now. Clean and simple. Makes us feel calm and you sleep very good in there. Will I ever be able to move! Cause I really love our home. I will put pictures in another post…