Baby clothes

Since it’s only 45 days left now we really need to get ready here at home! I haven’t bought any clothes until now. I got so many things from my sisters kid but I realized that some bodies like these once maybe necessary. We already have bodies but not like these once to open on the side. I bought from H&M baby exclusive, they have so many cute things right now. I also bought some other cute outfit for our little girl, some hairbands and a little hand knitted teddybear. The jacket and the body with the rain dare my mother bought for us as a gift. Our baby is coming winter time so she deff needs a cool jacket. But so far the fall has been beautiful here at home and I love it. My belly is growing but just in the normal size, nothing more or less so hopefully I will give birth in a normal way as I really wish for. I have read so many things now it makes me tired just to think about it. Waiting for the day I am home and taking care of me and little baby. I make sure to work out since it makes me feel so much better and I want to be strong for the delivery. Also I want my body to recover good after a 9 month pregnancy. I can really recommend those who are expecting or want to get pregnant soon, make sure to work out those days when the body lets you and rest other days when it says “Get some sleep woman!” I have really listened to my body during the whole pregnancy and it feels good because I have also get to know my body better and what it is capable of. I think that is the best advice I can give, for now.

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