Checklist preps for your baby

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So, this was something that has been so messy in my mind. The thought about thinking were to start and what we will need for a changing life with a baby. Honestly I have been concerned even if I know it’s so stupid to spend energy on that. But I guess it’s normal. The first thing I decided for myself was not to listen too much to other peoples saying. It’s not that I don’t want advice cause please give me as much as possible! It’s more that other people doesn’t know your needs. Also, how can you know things before the baby has arrived?! I don’t love too much consumption. I can’t understand those who just need to fill up there home with everything and actually nothing. So this is one good advice I got from a friend which I’ve been holding on to. She said to me not to buy a lot of unnecessary things that you think you need. It’s just wasting money plus you won’t know what your baby will like and won’t like. It’s an own little human being so follow her or him. 
   I’m lucky to have a sister who already has two girls so I’m so thankful that for all the things they’ve been giving us. 
   Listen to your midwife and call her if you get worried or confused. Don’t read things on internet except information from the hospitals website. As soon as I got pregnant I downloaded the app Preglife. Really good and plenty of information. You follow your pregnancy all the way. There is also a checklist that I’ve been checking off. So I am gonna share with you here what’s important for the beginning.   

1. Preglif app or another app – that you know it’s good for you country/languages. 

2. Pregnancy insurance  – Super important, I don’t know rules in other countries but here we can get an insurance for free, there is one higher that you pay for but most women chose the normal one. 

3. Parental preparation course – We still haven’t been there since it is not until September. But of course this is good. Here you get information about the delivery, breathing, how to work with your partner etc. So yes to this!

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4. Baby stroller – This we checked yesterday from the list. And this is not easy so take your time, read about them. But the best is to go to the store and try them out, ask the sales advisor to show you everything. We got really good help yesterday and felt so relaxed after buying our stroller. 

5. Carrycot –  This you must have of course. The hospital don’t let you out if the y don’t see that you have it with you. I didn’t undertand what it was in the beginning since the swedish name doesn’t make sense of what it is. If I would translate to english then it is baby protection. And for my, this made no sense at all. Why nor baby car seat? What ever, we have already from my sister so checked there. But it’s the same her. Ask in the store and try them out.

6. Changing table/baby care – So here is a list for this
   – changing table
   – salve for babys red butt
   – dipers for newborn
   – washclothes/baby wipes
   – bathtub
   – babyoil
   – fever thermometer
   – nail clippers/ nail polish
   – bath sheet
   – soft towels
   – cotton sticks to use first 7-10 days for nail care

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

7. Crib/craddle – We have a craddle but will later a crib when she gets too big for this one. We got from my sister a nice one for newborn up to about 6 month. Since we live in a two room apartment we want to make it as practical as possible until we are able to move to bigger. Don’t forget the things for sleeping like pillow, sleeping bag and madrass. 

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8. Baby clothes – So, you will notice that you will get so many things from friends and family. If you are lucky as we are then you will also get from your sister or brother who already has toddlers. But these things are good to start with
   – cap in cotton
   – pyjamas (3-8 pair)
   – trousers (3-5 pair)
   – socks (3 pair)
   – thick jumper
   – outdoor clothes
   – bodies (5-10 pair)
   – blankets

Here are some things that are not necessary but can make the everyday life a little more simple.
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9. Babynest – good to have in the couch, crib or in your bed. Very useful the first time.

10. Babygym – not necessary right after delivery but after a while it’s nice for little miss or mrs to have.

Photo from Sebra

11. Babysitter – Also not necessary in the beginning. But I have seen how my sister used her a ot especially to make them sleep.


12. Babycarrier/baby sling – We have the Baby K’tan. I’ve tried this one when my sisters kids were small enough and I loved it. So we are gonna use that one.

So, now to the mother…

13. Breastfeeding –  This is something I am a bit worried about. How will it go, will the baby want to breastfeed or not? So many questions but I know that everything will work out. And there is always help for it. 
   – breastfeeding bras
   – breastfeeding clothes
   – breastfeeding pads
   – salve for sore nipples
   – breastfeeding pillow

14. Painkillers and birth binders – It’s better to prepare yourself so you don’t need to think about this after coming home.

15. The delivery bag – So, here is a full list to make it more better for us at the hospital. 
   – something that makes the delivery room more personal, I haven’t thought about this yet!
   – fruit or other sweets
   – the delivery letter
   – own music
   – changing clothes for the mother and partner
   – all the things for breastfeeding from above
   – 2-4 bodies for the newborn, cap, blanket and clothes for returning home
   – some comfortable indoor shoes and a soft robe
   – your toilet bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo etc.
   – mobil loader
   – camera 

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I think it’s a simple and good checklist and I’ve already checked off 50%. This is how I’ve started and it makes me feel much more calmer. 



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