Cozy weekend

Yesterday we went to our friends in an other town, a little bit mor then one hour away from Malmö. It was so nice to meet them and just get away from home. We stayed the re over the night and left after breakfast this morning. I am so proud over Elena. It was her first sleeping away and she did a really good job! I’m finally becoming one of those proud mothers hehehe. When we came home both Elena and I were tired so I have also taken a nap with her. But it’s such a nice weather outside so we need to get out for that fresh air.

I am in love with the golden combination like this one. Just mixing different jewelries gives me a feeling of summer vibes. Don’t know why!

A perfect dinner and almost all of us with kids. So fun!

Last pics of Elena on our way home this morning and then finally in bed…again! ;PP

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