End of trimester two


So, I have passed 65 % of my pregnancy. I’m going into week 27 now, which means it’s the last week in trimester two. The second trimester has been easy. My hip dosen’t hurt anymore, I just hade problems to walk during three weeks and was afraid that it was the pelvic starting to make problems. This is common to happen during pregnancy but it dosen’t get better until after the pregnancy. So it seems like it hasn’t been the pelvic. I have heard a lot about different mood swing during this time but I haven’t felt so much of that. More that I felt like I can cry easy if I see something sad on tv or whatever. But to get angry, irritated or other frustrations haven’t been a problem. I was expecting this but thank God it hasn’t been a carousel. Maybe will come after, dunno, but for now I am enjoying my time with my husband and our little one inside the stomach. In the beginning my mother said to me to always talk if I would feel something or feel sad. It’s important to talk, like always, but when you are pregnant so many thoughts can come up in your head that you don’t know how to take care of them . Or even answer yourself. That’s why it’s good to have mum or if you have a sister/best friend to talk to. You should always talk to your partner as well, that’s number one since it’s the person you live with.  But it’s nice also to talk to other close people. Especially women who’s been or are in the same situation. 
  As I was at the beach yesterday I was hoping for same today but it seems like it’s gonna rain. No worries though, we need some rain. Happy Friday!


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