So, today I managed to get down to the gym this morning and Elena was sleeping while I did my workout. She slept so good this night so she was on a good mood this morning. I managed to get into my jeans although closing them, I’m not there yet! Haha. I’m happy to share the pic for you guys! We took a trip to Emporia since I needed to get a present for a friend. I managed to breastfeed her in the baby room, sooo good that they have it at the big mall. They should start to build it around town, like those small buildings we have for toilets. Would help us mothers so much! After Emporia Elena was exhausted and she is still sleeping! Is that normal? almost three hours now. Maybe she is in some growing phase. Here are some pic from the day.

I put her like this when we came home and she is still lying like that :DDD

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