Happy November

Photo by Trifon Yurukov on Unsplash

It’s soon coming to an end this month, we have one week left till expected time for delivery and I am getting more nervous. I’m walking around here at home, eating, sleeping, watching series and movies. I don’t know what to do anymore. I have prepared everything that I possible can and now it’s just the waiting that is boring. 

You can tell Christmas is close, all the stores have already decorated for the holiday. My email is full of advertising with what Christmas gifts to buy from different internet stores. It’s a little too much. If you are one of those who feels like your heart rate is raising just the thought about Christmas then November is actually a good month to prepare all the gifts you intend to buy for the family. Instead of getting all crazy and stressed in December, why not buying everything now? Black Friday has given the opportunity to buy things on discount so this can maybe save some money. But only if you know what the correct price is from start. I feel like the stores are not honest with pricing but who am I to tell! Well, good luck buying all the gifts 😀

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