Home for Xmas

It’s Monday and first week in December. This year has really been crazy. It has been a great year I think. We renovated our flat, big news expecting our first baby, I got to spend almost the whole summer with my sister and her kids and now this Christmas we are going to be so many people gathered together. My husbands family is coming to Sweden, since they don’t live here, plus sis and her family will visit us from Stockholm. So this holiday we are going to be so many people! Usually it is a puzzle to see how to do during the holidays but since we are expecting a little one, the whole family will gather in Malmo. It’s going to be a really nice time. I have decorated a little a home but not too many things. I will need to take pics on that to show you. It’s been and is still is focus on baby and delivery. I am four days over time now and I’m more nervous then ever though I know it’s normal. But hey, that comes with pregnancy. Hormones jumping around, wondering about the baby, how she is inside etc etc. So many thoughts is occupying the mind. Would be strange not to think and be nervous. I hope you had a cozy first advent yesterday! I for sure had 😀

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