How the first trimester started till now

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
All this talk about pregnancy and food can be confusing. All the stories I have heard from other women or read. Different kind of cravings and so on. When I was in week 5 or 6 (can’t remember exactly) it started to change for me. I felt sick everyday, like a continues hang over. I was so confused in what to eat and there was not much on the menu that I liked. But one thing for sure was that I needed suddenly a lot of carbs. From almost not eating bread and pasta at all to suddenly have the need to eat one sandwich directly when I woke up in the mornings. I was also craving for fruits and I could drink a whole bottle of juice, like drinking water. I didn’t even feel like eating a nice sallad anymore. It was enough with a nice portion of pasta with some ketchup and butter. Just like a kid again. I love pesto but during these weeks it was not something I wanted. There was a lot of other things too that I didn’t suddenly like that I usually like. How strange is that?! As I haven’t been eating meet and chicken for a couple of years I was afraid that I would go loco to suddenly want this. This actually didn’t happened. I have eaten chicken from time to time as the body has requested that. 
   I was hoping to be able to continue work out and running but this did not happen the first trimester. No way, I was sleeping my way through the days after work. And when I was not sleeping I was longing to sleep. I never felt such a tiredness in my entire life like this. But finally, I saw some hope again. Around week 13 it started to be normal again and I felt more powerful. I started to feel like I could eat food again like I normally eat. The body started to wake up and I was able to work out again. But I’m not saying that I have been working out on a level like normal. If I have been tired I haven’t pushed myself. I’ve been resting instead. So, I think it’s important to listen to the body. 

Tomorrow I’m going in to week 26 and it’s crazy how time flies. Soon end of second trimester and the last one left. I don’t want the time to go too fast but at the same time I’m longing for our girl to get out to this world. Check this post were I find my workout.

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