How I take care of my flowers

I’m not a flower expert. I just go with the feeling and just think it’s so nice to get cuddle with them at home. I ask friends and read on the internet. It’s so simple. We lived for a while with mom and there I had some plants. But when we finally bought our apartment, my interest has become bigger for plants. I just have to learn what everyone is called! How do I do then to take care of them since I’m not an expert? We are lucky that our apartment gets in a lot of light. That’s the number one. I also have nutrients that I mix in the water occasionally when they are watered. You can buy cheap at some grocery store. Then I crop them so they keep their nice shape. Here you can do what you want. My little Bonzai tree I crop every now and then. I want to keep it small and pretty. About the watering, I simply feel on the soil. I have no definite days for this, but I check everyday how it looks. Some flowers show directly when they start hanging or if it has been watered too much. I also have a small water spray that I use. I spray water on them because I know that plants loves this. Getting a real bath is not wrong. Here are some quick pictures on my favorites.

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