I’ve tidied my closet

You know the wardrobe that everyone has at home, or some with a walk-in closet. How tidy is it and how often do you clean? When I open to take clothes in the morning I get irritated because I can not find anything. The inspiration disappears as fast as the lightning and the desire to even get dressed in something is dying. Anyone who recognize themselves? I have opened my wardrobe countless many times and thought “now I should tidy up” … So I took a picture and then I started to fold, and fold and organize. 


These organizers are from IKEA. A supersmart sulution if you don’t have enough storage to keep small things elsewere.

Look there, I made it clean and tidy. Though I dind’t have the energy to make it in some special kind of color combo or some fancy ombre. But looks okey now!

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