LBD – always working even when you are pregnant!

So last weekend we were celebrating a couple of birthdays. My husbands, my mothers and a friend of ours. It’s difficult to find what to wear in my wardrobe, don’t have so many things now left that is in my size. I love colors but it’s never bad with all just black. Perfect when you are pregnant too, makes you feel even more secure and beautiful somehow. Strange! This dress is perfect as it stretches out and falls nicely. My sister bought it while her pregnancy and then gave it to me, I am so thankful since it is so comfortable. High heels is of course working, I’m not swollen but the balance is not in it’s normal stage 🙂 It’s boring to buy clothes now since it’s not too long until delivery. So instead I bought new black high heels since I have cleaned out all old once.
    I can’t wait till I’m back in my own body and can pack up my normal clothes. Of course, I don’t expect it to happen at once, I am aware of that the body needs to come back slowly and in a healthy way. But all that is so worth it. 

Here is a pic from my phone wearing the outfit last weekend…oops not yet lipstick here 😛

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