Stomach growing

I am now in week 24, 59% of my pregnancy is completed. I have 115 days left to birth and more than half have passed. Keep in mind that time goes so fast. I have gained about 9 kg since start so I think it’s great. Normal weight gain. I was very worried at the beginning of pregnancy diabetes since my mother had it with me and have type two today. Because of this I had to make an early glucose test but showed a negative effect. Great relief, so I hope the next test and end of pregnancy will continue at a steady rate. In addition to that, I feel good, but the hip has been hurting for two weeks now and it’s impossible to have a time with a physiotherapist, it’s holiday time, so I can not get a time until September. This is not good! Can not understand how it can be so hard to get some healthcare. When you need help, you don’t get. I will call a clinic that I have been recommended as they work a lot with pregnant and acupuncture, but they do not open until next week when the vacation is over. Here is a picture of the stomach yesterday, hehe. I took a picture at my mother’s house before going to the movies. The film we saw was of course Mamma Mia the new one, a real feel good movie, and a coffee at Espresso House before. My hormones are sprouting  and because everything is about mom-daughter relationship every song I just wanted to cry! But joyful tears, maybe it’s something with Abbas’s songs that make you just blast of happiness hormones?

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