My 5 fav things right now

So, it’s been awhile since I put up latest five favorite things right now. Let’s start!

New in my beauty collection is the Lipid-Balance Cleansing oil Medik8 and Advance day eye protect. Love this brand. It’s now three years since I started to use it and I’m still loving it for my skin. Check their official website for more info.
Since I am mostly at home and also have a couple of pounds left until I fit all of my clothes, to cheer me up I want to look good and feel good at home. So, I ordered first the grey outfit from H&M home and I love it so much so I ordered the blush one too! I’ve linked it for you.
This little key bag from Longchamp. It’s not new, had it a year now and still loving it. Perfect for me to always know where my keys are.
My Timberland and Peak Performance winter jacket, long model. This has been perfect for me. Last time I was wearing Timberlands I think I was 11 years old or something.

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