New posters

I promised yesterday at Instagram to post pictures when I got my posters and here they are. I offer an extra post today, usually add up three per day but today you are the lucky one! Okay, I have not done anything unique. Many interior homes have posters and maybe it’s not over the special. But it’s so nice, I just can not get tired of it. and also, I would love to collect art but it is far too expensive for what our economy allows. So then this is a smart way to have some nice art at home and for not alot of money.    I’ve started with these two from Desenio to see if I like it. But I would to fill up with more though I don’t want to be to hectic about it. We love the mediterranean sea and sailing so of course I bought a pic on that. I want to look at it winter time and dream about summer. 
French riviera

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