Old stuff mixed with new

As I wrote before I was stying at my mums place this weekend. She has been helping me out now while having some pain and difficulties to walk. But, anyway, I took some pictures on my old room (todays guestroom). She’s gonna renovate, as you can see, the wallpapers are old and the floor aswell. But I just love how she combined som stuff in the room. This nice orange metallic stool from IKEA looks nicer now with this mint coloured pillow that we found on sale at Lagerhaus. They have really fun stuff and everything with color! Also this wooden old towel stand, don’t know if that’s the name, but it’s handmade from the 18th century. It’s a really nice detail and perfect if you are here as a guest to use the bedroom. Not only for towel but for clothes too. The white bureau I hade but left for her plus the old mirror. I only had my iphone camera that did’nt take the best pics but hope you like it anyway. 

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