Our baby stroller

Okey, I don’t know if I should laugh or not at these pictures. But we just look so funny and proud over that we bought our baby stroller! And it hasn’t been an easy choice since there is so many different models, names and etc etc. Finally we went for the famous swedish brand Emmaljunga and I’m so glad we did. First my mind was all into the german brand Britax cause I thought Emmaljunga was a bit bigger but there was not so much difference between them. This one that we bought had some more things that we liked about it. It doesn’t show so good at the pictures but we chose a nice olive color. It looks really nice in reality. And it is so comfortable to drive. So, I think we made a good choice. We are happy soon-becoming parents. It’s not until november but now they had a nice offer in the store so we were thinking better now then later. So that one is checked from the list. It is a lot to think about and expensive! Especially when it comes to stroller, babysitter and all those big things. It’s expensive to become a parent but I think it is so worth it. 

He is walking proud and eager to put it back together ;P

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