• Beauty & Health

    Simple healthy salad

    I just made a simple salad today. We made springrolls this weekedn and still have the dressing/dipp and shrimps left. So I just added som veggies, natural cashew nuts and mixed it all together. Nothing complicated. The pink dressing is from light mayo with sriracha chili and the brown one is a mix with peanut butter, soya sauce and some sweet chili if I remember correct. Simple and delicious.

  • Life

    Calm Tuesday

    Today we just take the day as it comes. I was up early and feel tired. But that’s the problem, I feel it is difficult to sleep in the middle of the day since Elena came. Before I could sleep whenever but now that I’m tired more then ever I can’t sleep! So strange. I have always gone up instead of trying to force myself into sleep again. What better way then to workout or yoga. Today I did some tone it up move, I will put it here later what daily routines I did 🙂

  • Life

    Up early

    This morning we woke up around 6 am. And she is still awake. I’m trying to teach her to like the baby carrier but she is not at all happy about it. I want because to give her head some rest and not to always lie on the back. But what can I do, only try from now and then.

  • Interior

    How I finished the day

    Today I visit a friend with little Elena. And I regret I didn’t take some pics but I was focusing to be there not in the phone. We had a nice time as always 😀 She is expecting her second child and I can’t wait. It’s so cozy and cute with babies! I finished my day with cutting and refreshing my bouquet from last week and look how nice it turned out to be. See ya tomorrow! Good night 🙂

  • Life

    Nice Sunday

    Yesterday was also sunny and it was not so cold. Hopefully it will continue like this now cause I am longing for spring! I was sooo tired in the morning but managed to do some yoga. Even if a day feels bad it’s better to give yourself to meditation and yoga. It does help to clear your mind when everything feels too much sometimes.

  • Beauty & Health

    Postpartum week 9

    I have been really careful after delivery with my body. I started after five days to take small walks outside with Elena. But it was really short once. Like only around the corner and then I was exhausted. Now, after two month I can finally start soft with my yoga and taking myself down to the gym. I am still recovering so be aware of that I am listening to my body. As I have mentioned before I’ve been following Tone it up. I have their app and love their workouts. It’s a big community as well for women and it keeps me so positive when it comes to workout…