• Life

    Yesterdays dinner

    My husband is home now from Serbia and I can not be more happy. He made some delicious dish yesterday with pasta and some nice creamy sauce. We have leftovers so I will definitely eat today as well. Like I wrote before, it has been a couple of colder days. Yesterday was rainy alla day so it was a bit chilly. I took on some sweatshirt and trousers. Here is my yesterday taking a selfie in my mirror. 

  • Life

    Post-semester syndrome

    Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash So August is here and it’s like everything is starting now. It’s the same feeling as going back to school. If you work most of you are probably back or maybe you are lucky to have a late vacation. Most people, especially if you have kids, needs to be back at work since all the school starts. I always like to take a late vacations but I know that I need to change that in the future.  Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash Many people feel depression, anxiety, poor concentration and lack of apetite. After researchers at the University of Granada, we have a name for it: post-semester syndrome. But the…

  • Life

    Continuing summer till September

    We have had a great summer this year. I don’t know how many time I have repeated myself but it’s true. And if you would live in Sweden then you would definitely understand what I’m talking about. It’s been so dry that it has been burning fires, big news etc. Like it happens in our south part of Europe when it’s too hot. Can you believe that it has happened here in Sweden too?! What a chock huh. But now, we have finally had some rain over the weekend and it feels like a real swedish summer. No, honestly I’ve been very happy with the heat though it’s been crazy…

  • Beauty & Health

    Fresh lemonade

    I tend to love fresh squeezed lemonade, especially when it’s summer time and hot as this summer have been. So here is my own blend that I like. It’s simple, refreshing and taste delicious. It’s also simple to mix, you don’t need to have so many things.  Ingridient 1 grape fruit 1-2 lemons 1 cm ginger, grated Fresh mynt 1-2 teaspoon of agave syrup or how much you like. This is not necessary but I love to get the sour taste a bit sweeter.  For another nice lemonade I’ve made, check here. 

  • Fashion

    Weekend outfit

    Weekend outfit. I was wearing a summerdress/beachdress from Calzedonia, hat I bought from Belgrade and the bag is from H&M home but I changed bag haha, as you can see on the pictures from yesterday.  Yesterday I put some pictures up, you can find them here.  

  • Interior

    Old stuff mixed with new

    As I wrote before I was stying at my mums place this weekend. She has been helping me out now while having some pain and difficulties to walk. But, anyway, I took some pictures on my old room (todays guestroom). She’s gonna renovate, as you can see, the wallpapers are old and the floor aswell. But I just love how she combined som stuff in the room. This nice orange metallic stool from IKEA looks nicer now with this mint coloured pillow that we found on sale at Lagerhaus. They have really fun stuff and everything with color! Also this wooden old towel stand, don’t know if that’s the name,…

  • Life

    To work with your creativity

    Sometimes I’m just stuck. What to write about all the time? Or what are you going to photograph? I remember when I was doing music and we wanted to create new songs. The idea was that we would write new but many times it was just a lot of flaming and laughing. But that was great too!  I think it helps to have a good atmosphere around. But sometimes the ideas can come when you’re out, or talk to someone. I’ve gotten better writing down on my mobile when the idea turns on. The important thing is to find a place where you can work. Or work with someone.  You…