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    Gift for Elenas birth

    Everything has gone so fast since Elenas birthday 6th december 2018. She is going in to her third leap this week now. It has to do with the mental development. I haven’t had time to blog and be myself. All focus is on her. I have written this before and I’m just repeating myself now. I wanted to show this gift earlier that she got from her grandmother and aunt. It’s the danish design Kay Bojesen, wooden handmade famous monkey. So, until she will have her own room I am borrowing the monkey for our decor. I love it and need to buy for myself as well in the future.…

  • Life


    It’s been a nice and calm day. The weather outside gave a little feeling of spring, Birds singing and sun was shining, just perfect. We had a long morning walk Elena and I, then a nice breakfast. After her little nap we needed to go to Ikea to buy shower curtain since the one we have is not nice anymore. At home we started to prep for the swedish tv show Melodifestivalen. We did homemade springrolls, yummie! And soon I will go to bed cause I am exhausted! Thanks for this day!

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    #TBT 2018

    So, this post should have been in the end of the year but rather late then never. I have picked my best pics from the year that has passed. Why I have picked them has to do with the feeling, inspiration and happening in that month. Let’s get a #tbt moment… So, this gallery shows some of the pictures from February 2018. When we started to renovate we wanted to start in the bedroom. I was so eager to still make it nice and cozy for us also I wanted to take some pics for the blog. These are some of my favorites. Our trip to Paris was perfect. We…

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    Lovely flowers

    I got these lovely flowers from my mum yesterday. I wish I had a big garden with all kinds of flowers and to be able to make a bouquet whenever I want to.

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    Best baby things yet…

    Okey, so I am glad that we got so many things from my sister but still we bought some new things. Although, if I wouldn’t get I would deff buy it. I feel like everything we have, has been useful. Almost… As I am breastfeeding I have used Medela pump. It is really good and I understand why the hospital have it. I was lucky to get the pump from my sis as I was going to buy it first, if she wouldn’t have found it. First I was thinking if it is necessary but now I say YES it is! I truly recommend to have the electronic one. It’s…

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    Yesterday’s Valentine’s day

    So, we finally made it to a restaurant! Last time we ate out was summer 18! Now with a baby it’s a little more to do. Not so romantic as before. I needed to breastfeed her, change her and even change the clothes. But we made it one and a half hour and then home. Just to het that hour together outside means so much to us. Today we haven’t got anything special planned, just relaxing at home. I’ve been out for a powerwalk with Elena and now I need to start to make some food.

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    This weekend

    Well, the weekend ended fast. We didn’t do so much, I manage to get some sleep while my husband took Elena during Saturday morning. Finally we went out for a cup of coffee to then get back home to put Elena to sleep. Yesterday, Sunday, I managed to get to the gym. Wohoo, my first gym workout since the delivery. The body is coming back slowly but faster then I thought. Here is a postpartum pic on me, two month and a week after delivery. It’s really interesting how the body works. I feel it’s amazing what it can do. Today I hung up my two posters that I bought…