• Life

    A just perfect saturday

    Today was a really nice day with my mother. We woke up around eight and she helped me with the laundry. I’ve stayed here last night since my pelvis hurt three weeks back now and it’s difficult for me to walk and carry heavy things. And since my husband is down in Serbia visiting his family my mother has really helped me these weeks.    So, this was me getting dressed before leaving for a lunch. My mother took me to a nice place on the countryside and we ate really nice food to then take a swedish fika (what we call it here with a cup of coffee and cake).…

  • Life

    For you readers

    During my time of blogging these past few years and developing my page I’ve come to notice that my followers are not just from Sweden. It is global. This makes me so happy and inspiring me to develop even more. So what I’ve been doing from time to time is writing in both swedish and english. But this is too messy and takes too much time. I have decided to continue my blog in english since there are a lot of readers out there gobal. And of course would I like to reach out to all of you and share my Everyday with Color. Happy reading! Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

  • Interior

    I’ve tidied my closet

    You know the wardrobe that everyone has at home, or some with a walk-in closet. How tidy is it and how often do you clean? When I open to take clothes in the morning I get irritated because I can not find anything. The inspiration disappears as fast as the lightning and the desire to even get dressed in something is dying. Anyone who recognize themselves? I have opened my wardrobe countless many times and thought “now I should tidy up” … So I took a picture and then I started to fold, and fold and organize.    These organizers are from IKEA. A supersmart sulution if you don’t have…

  • Interior,  Our renovation

    Our renovation

    I have wanted to share a little bit before and after pictures on our starting point of renovation our apartment. I’ve cut a little collage from first moving in photos till today. I think we have done a good job. The apartment feels like new and smells new. All the old wallpapers, even those that were hidden from the previous renovation, are completely gone. We’re down to the concrete to get rid of everything. Nothing cheated here. The floor we decided to keep as we thought it was in good condition. All lists are also changed. I’m glad we made those small decisions. It’s not easy to renovate but once…

  • Life

    What a day

    I’m totally out today! Okay, I’ve been tired lately since we got this heat here in Sweden. But today I’m extra tired. The stomach is swollen and tense, I can not eat anything because of the heat and barely I can drink water because it fills my stomach. Today, I’m extra swollen about my stomach and I do not know if it’s heat or just the baby is growing. Of course it’s both parts. Thank God for going to Klagshamn beach today. We sat in the shade, so it was nice and cooling. But as soon as I got home, it was crazy hot in the apartment. Now I’m at…

  • Travel

    My dream destinations

    All of us wants to do those travels we wish for. Those who hasn’t yet been planned or those you want to do again. I’ve collected some few here but trust me there is far more places I would like to visit one day.  Vietnam 1. Getting to sandy beaches with crystal blue water wouldn’t been wrong. My mom goes in February 2019 and we would love to go with her, but now we are expecting a visit from our little baby so we never booked. But we’ll enjoy her amazing pictures and maybe go next next winter. To get into the caves, wow that looks awesome! Lissabon, Portugal 2.…

  • Life

    Beachy day with friend

    I got to hangout all day today with my friend who finally came back from Turkey. And oh, how fast did the time go? We just talked and talked and talked and talked. So funny because we always have a lot to talk about. Did not get a lot of pictures but a little. We sat in Klagshamn, perfect beach. Not far away from the parking lot because of my hip as well as close to the restrooms, it gets tough as pregnant to hold my bladder. We had sun chairs with us and thank God for that, it was much more comfortable than sitting on the sand. These chairs…