• Fashion

    What to wear this fall

    So, fall is here. We can tell. And what’s not perfect then going out and look for a new cozy coat or jacket? Here are a few that I have found from some of my favorit stores. Have a look and see what can fit you!  H&M &Other stories Whistles Stella Nova Moss Copenhagen Cos

  • Life

    When you move for the first time

    Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash As a young person and to move for the first time it’s a very big change in your life. It’s exciting but also scary. Suddenly you need to take responsibility for you own place, your own bills to pay and maybe no more asking mum or dad for help financially. While working as realtor I saw many young people coming to buy their first flat/studio. Many of them had help from their parents and some managed it by themselves. I always loved to give the right advice to them and see them happy after signing the papers.  I want to share some simple advice to you who are…

  • Life

    Third trimester

    So, now I’m in third trimester. Stomach is getting rounder, she is kicking stronger inside and I’m getting heavier. But it’s all good. My hip doesn’t hurt anymore. I’ve been able to work out light here at home. Powerwalks hasn’t been so easy cause it feels like I’m not getting anywhere, so I’ve been using the bike instead. I have around 81 days left according to the app, maybe she will be early or late, we will see. We still have things to prepare at home, and some small things to buy. I am starting to use more and more of my husbands clothes like bigger jumpers etc, not the…

  • Interior

    Sunday n election time + new sheets

    It’s a beautiful Sunday, I slept perfect in my new sheets form H&M home and today it’s election time in Sweden. It’s been tense on tv with the politicians and also between people, but now finally the day is here. I hope people vote for the right parti, and not for rasism, selfishness and without a heart. I hope people vote for humanity, love, democracy, environment and that we all want to continue to make our country even better and nicer between us. Not to split us people apart. Good luck today for you who are voting!

  • Life

    5 Good things: To buy for your new home

    Since been working as a realtor a couple of years plus my own experience of moving around I think I have learnt a few lessons or two. It’s a lot of things to think about when moving. I’ve seen people stressed when moving and forgetting things etc. I think there are some few things to have in mind and that’s important to buy when moving. It’s not about new furnitures or some fancy lamp it’s more about the practical things such as:   1. Shower curtain – Depends if the bathroom needs one or not but I think this is a good  thing always to buy a new one. I…

  • Interior

    New candles

    I bought some new candles today. It’s nice to mix a little with color and not just go with white. Since I don’t use all together I like to switch. I love the mustard yellow candle, I even ordered new bed sheets in that color. Can’t wait to get it home and see if it’s nice or not. Now when fall is coming it’s the best to be prepared with candles at home. It is really needed here when it’s getting darker earlier during the day. I can feel it’s a bit colder at the evenings now, not as warm as before. So candle up! 

  • Interior

    Changes in the hallway

    Today it’s gonna be a nice and half sunny day with a temperature around 22°C. So perfect for me to be outside like yesterday. I promised pictures on how I decorated the hallway with my pampas and this is how it looks like now. Feels very much like summer inside and nice toned colors. I like it. I took my candle stand from the living room bureau and the white coral vase and placed it here instead. So for now it’s staying here. Have a great day!