Perfect weekend trip

Personally I love to travel to warmer places then at home. But being in a big city with nice big parks all colored in red brown, is just as perfect as lying on a beach with white sand. I really recommend after my own experience to visit London during fall. It might be rainy a day or two but it doesn’t matter. You have so many nice pubs everywhere, coffee places, big parks for strolling around and a lot of shopping. To do sightseeing can be good too. Since Buckingham Palace is right in the middle of three parks such as St Jame’s Park, Green Park and Buckingham Palace Gardens, it can’t get more lovely then walking around here in the nature and to see this beautiful building. 

But I want to give advice on some areas of London I love and to just stroll around and doing nothing:

  1. You deff need to visit Hampstead Heath! I love to be there. It is famous for it’s big park and on top of the hills you get a lovely view over London. It takes you away from the stressful tourist centre and brings you to the londoners. Make sure to stop by, you won’t be disappointed. 

    2. My favorit things to do when I am visiting big cities is just to find beautiful and cozy places to walk around in. I love to admire buildings and to suddenly find a hidden street with a small café place. Of course Notting Hill should be on this list! The cute pittoresk buildings, vintage stores and books stores. Deff worth a visit.

    3. And Regent’s Canal, east of Camden Lock. They call it little Italy and it’s beautiful. Around you have Camden town which is famous for it’s stores and Camden Lock Market. This is a place for all artist to hang out. Every city has its artistic areas and this is one in London. 

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