Post-semester syndrome

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So August is here and it’s like everything is starting now. It’s the same feeling as going back to school. If you work most of you are probably back or maybe you are lucky to have a late vacation. Most people, especially if you have kids, needs to be back at work since all the school starts. I always like to take a late vacations but I know that I need to change that in the future. 

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Many people feel depression, anxiety, poor concentration and lack of apetite. After researchers at the University of Granada, we have a name for it: post-semester syndrome. But the feeling is not dangerous. As the experts says, you need to give it acceptans and just let the feelings get over you. Because it’s gonna go away. 

Sleep – Try a couple of days before to change the rythm of sleep. Go to bed  a bit earlier like before the vacation so you avoid to lie the last night sleepless and then feel even worse first day at work. 

Starting day – It depends what kind of a job you have but start the first day on a Wednesday or Thursday. It gives you a softer start and the week doesn’t feel so long. 

Smooth start – Don’t overwhelm yourself with duties. Accept that you are now a bit slower in your mind so don’t push to hard with biggest assignment. Let it come back nice to you.

Micro breaks – This is very good for you, not only when you are back from vacation but also regular days. To stop yourself from the computer or the bunch of paper work is helping you with new energy. Go to the kitchen and fill your glas with water. Walk to the copy machine or just look outside the window and relax for a minute. This is no news for us but can be a good reminder.

Plan next vacation – I don’t like to live in the future but when it comes to planning vacations I can’t help myself. So this I think it’s okey today. Plan how you want it for Christmas, because it’s a couple of month till then. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. 

Look for a new job – Sometimes this can be a trigger to actually understand if you like your current situation. Maybe you don’t like your boss and this gives you bad feelings. This can be a chance to understand yourself and then start looking for new job.

If I look at myself and how I’ve been feeling after coming back from vacation. I always have that heavy feeling but there has been points in life that I felt wen I came back that this is just not the right place for me. I tend to listen to myself a lot. I think overall that’s rule number one. Listen to your body and what it is telling you. To get advice from friends and families can be good but sometimes not. 

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