Postpartum week 9

I have been really careful after delivery with my body. I started after five days to take small walks outside with Elena. But it was really short once. Like only around the corner and then I was exhausted. Now, after two month I can finally start soft with my yoga and taking myself down to the gym. I am still recovering so be aware of that I am listening to my body.

I put this picture a couple of days ago. This is from this week. So postpartum 9 weeks I think. The stomach is going back slowly. The first couple of days I was still happy to have my stomach after Elena. I was sentimental and missing her in the belly but now it feels good to get back on track.

As I have mentioned before I’ve been following Tone it up. I have their app and love their workouts. It’s a big community as well for women and it keeps me so positive when it comes to workout and health. I have been a member since 2013 and still loving it. It is a lifestyle not just some stupid diet to finish with after.

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