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    Härliga Måndag

    Det är en underbar Måndag. Solen skiner, vi har fått vår morgonpromenad tidigare idag och jag har suttit i våra nya balkongmöbler. Nu äntligen får jag lite tid att uppdatera bloggen. Under helgen uppdaterar jag inte så mycket då jag känner att lördag och söndag vill jag vila. Då vill jag bara vara med familjen och inte fokusera så mycket på sociala medier. En paus från det är jätteviktigt. Det är lätt att man går miste om verkligheten och försvinner in i alla bilder, filmer och det som händer on line. Vi lever ju trots allt i våra telefoner idag, eller? Även om jag älskar allt som har med sociala…

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    Curtains up!

    Okey, so please don’t judge me. But I have been so lazy and tired to be active on the blog and also on Instagram. If I am not inspired I don’t like to put things that doesn’t have a meaning. Sorry, that is just who I am. I love this fall so I am not gonna blame it this year on that. I blame it on my pregnancy ;P Everything has been fine though! We have had my mother staying here during two months now, since her apartment has been renovated. So, it’s been a bit of a mess. Three adults living in a two room apartment. We have managed…

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    Sunday n election time + new sheets

    It’s a beautiful Sunday, I slept perfect in my new sheets form H&M home and today it’s election time in Sweden. It’s been tense on tv with the politicians and also between people, but now finally the day is here. I hope people vote for the right parti, and not for rasism, selfishness and without a heart. I hope people vote for humanity, love, democracy, environment and that we all want to continue to make our country even better and nicer between us. Not to split us people apart. Good luck today for you who are voting!

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    The bedroom colors

    I have had these colors now but I feel like I would like to change to some light yellow ones with rust brown or red. I’ve seen H&Ms collections for the fall and it’s so beautiful. It’s strong colors as the autumn leaves that’s gonna come soon, not yet! We still aren’t done with the bedroom, I’m missing some paintings, curtains and a small bureau but all in time. I like it how it is now. Clean and simple. Makes us feel calm and you sleep very good in there. Will I ever be able to move! Cause I really love our home. I will put pictures in another post…

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    Breakfast in bed

    Today I’ll make sure to enjoy my morning and why not make it more luxurious with a bed tray. I bought it from IKEA, and it looks so simple but also very nice. So happy breakfast!

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    Bedroom walls done

    So, finally we can sleep in the bedroom. The walls are done but we still have some details left with a window board and the lists around the floor. I am waiting for our beadspread that I have ordered from H&M. I am just happy to sleep here now instead of living room like in the beginning.