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    Fill up with blankets – a good advice

    Advice from my sis and other people with kids is to have blankets around the house. And trust me, I think I have blankets enough for ten babies :PP I have new once, the once I’ve took over from my two beautiful nieces and also blankets my mum kept since sis and I were babies! But lucky me, I love blankets and I can’t get enough of them. Especially all the wonderful and soft muslin blankets for babies. I’m crazy about them so I need to stop myself from buying. Here are some pics how I have prepared for her in the living room. Baskets for easy access. 

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    New baby stuff

    So, these last couple of weeks I haven’t been blogging so much. Always when fall is coming I loose a little of my inspiration. Even though I think it’s so cozy now since we had a really good summer, I always need to get used to fall and that it is getting darker. But this winter, I actually look forward too. We are so excited here at home and can’t wait till our little girls is arriving. It will be November soon and we have still some things to prepare for until she is here. These are some new cute stuff that we have ordered. The big play blanket is…