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    Fin present // Nice gift

    Här är ringen som jag fick i present av familjen. Så nöjd och älskar färgen! Kommer gå med den hela sommaren och höst OCH vinter! Har redan smycken från henne sedan tidigare och använder de verkligen bra. Gå in och titta på hennes smycken här. Hej hopp! // Here is one of the gift I got from my family. I just love the color, it’s so beautiful.

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    New add ups

      New things at my place. I bought myself a blush from Dior. I’m not too happy about it. The package is maybe more beautiful, that’s why you buy it.  New colors for the eyes! Thanks sis, I really needed that and they are great.  I usually always buy Mac mascara and I mean for the last 6-7 years but why not try something else so I bought this from Max Factor! I’m sorry Mac 😉 But you ain’t got it this time. Caroline Svedbom family is in my home. I love her jewelry.  And till the end, Pro Hygiene. Works good for cleaning. And not too expensive. Oops, I almost forgot, Clinique,…

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    6 favourites

    Favourites that I have this fall and I basically use every day can be found here! New and something old. New iPhone 7, clearly the favorite. Maria Akerberg cold-pressed almond oil, super but best to use before going to bed. Works for the whole body, and oil is best for me to cold time otherwise the I like a piece of sandpaper. I usually mix the oil on the body and then another fat cream, making it easier to get through the entire body. My fingerless gloves from UNMADE Copenhagen, ordered at Boozt.se, not expensive! I have finally fixed the new battery in my watch. This was a gift when I graduated (2007)…