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    5 Good things

    New list on 5-good-things. I have some favorites in my bathroom and some new for that matter aswell. I want to share with you and maybe you’ll find something new to try at home. Medik8 – I have previously had pictures on which skin care series I use but I want to share again. I’ve been buying these over and over again since I finally found a good serie that works for my skin plus they really do their work as it says. It’s been three years now since I started using Medik8. They last long, more then six months (last time I bought these was in February and there are…

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    New add ups

      New things at my place. I bought myself a blush from Dior. I’m not too happy about it. The package is maybe more beautiful, that’s why you buy it.  New colors for the eyes! Thanks sis, I really needed that and they are great.  I usually always buy Mac mascara and I mean for the last 6-7 years but why not try something else so I bought this from Max Factor! I’m sorry Mac 😉 But you ain’t got it this time. Caroline Svedbom family is in my home. I love her jewelry.  And till the end, Pro Hygiene. Works good for cleaning. And not too expensive. Oops, I almost forgot, Clinique,…

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    // These are products that I use right now. I know they say that you should preferably use the same line, but I’ve done that many times over. I notice no difference. Now I use what fits me. But the next round I will buy from Clarins again. Love their products, though expensive so I always buy if there is any discount on the net or when the economy alouds.