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    Klockan är uppe

    Så här snyggt blev det med klockan! Jag är inte färdig med denna vägg. Det tar verkligen tid att bestämma sig när det kommer till väggar. Men bara så ni vet så använder jag ingen spik. Vi vägrar att spika upp på våra väggar då vi kämpade med att få de fina och fläckfria från stora hål. Så jag använder mig av produkter från Clas Ohlson. Vet inte vad de heter men man klistrar det på väggen så får man inga hål. Precis så vill vi ha det 😀 Kan fota nästa gång och visa er samt länka.

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    Vårdcentralen sedan Jysk

    Som jag skrivit tidigare så har min käket inte varit med mig denna vecka. Det har gjort så ont på ena sidan så att jag inte har kunnat tugga. Det har blivit soppa nästan varje dag. Igår lyckades jag få i mig torsk med potatismos, utan tuggmotstånd. Så, ni kan tänka er vilka spännande måltider jag har ätit de senaste dagarna. Inte á la carte direkt! Men, jag var på Jysk efter besök hos doktorn som säger att jag får helt enkelt vila och återkomma om det inte blir bättre. Den har vi ju hört förr. Hade det inte varit för att jag ammar så hade jag inte åkt till…

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    Gift for Elenas birth

    Everything has gone so fast since Elenas birthday 6th december 2018. She is going in to her third leap this week now. It has to do with the mental development. I haven’t had time to blog and be myself. All focus is on her. I have written this before and I’m just repeating myself now. I wanted to show this gift earlier that she got from her grandmother and aunt. It’s the danish design Kay Bojesen, wooden handmade famous monkey. So, until she will have her own room I am borrowing the monkey for our decor. I love it and need to buy for myself as well in the future.…

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    Latest decor

    My latest decor here at home. Brass leaf from H&M home, brass box/storage H&M home and a mini vase from H&M home. I put the vase in the box and I think it turned out really nice!

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    Expected delivery date and decorating at home

    Today is the “expected” date for delivering but I can say, nothing yet! She is moving so nice in there and I think she will stay a couple of days longer. But this is something I expected and not to get disappointed. But suddenly I am more nervous and scared then I have been until now during these 9 months. I’m scared of how it’s gonna be, how is the pain gonna feel and all these questions of the unknow. The thought of not having control of the situation is also scary. So many things. All I can do is to rest, trying to prepare mentally and enjoy these last…

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    Fill up with candy like grandmother

    I feel like this time of the year is perfect to prepare the home with some candy around the house. I remember coming home to my grandparents and they always had a bowl of some kind of candy. But just a small bowl, not gigantic with tons of candies. And today I really appreciate that. I want my home to be inviting for family and friends coming over. So next time you are doing some grocery shopping, buy some nicer candy to decorate with at home. It’s Friday and I am going to my midwife today to see that everything is fine with baby and me. I always gets to…

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    Carpet makes a difference

    So, we really did some changes here at home this week. First of all, last Saturday I sold our glas/brass table and we were without a coffee table maybe during three days. I was lucky to find this white Ikea, fully new coffee table but second hand! Perfect and it gives more space now. It also brightens up the room.  The rug I’ve been longing for but been to cheap to buy plus we needed to get baby stuff first. Finally black Friday arrives and we drive directly to the store to get it for a bit less. So worth waiting for things! I am in love, it’s so cozy…