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    Pictures from the weekend

    I had some pictures here from this weekend. My belly is growing, I can feel her kick more and more and stronger. It’s a strong little girl there with probably a stubborn temper like her father and her mother 😀 If I sit to high up with my legs she will start to kick to let me know she needs more space. It’s hilarious how I can already feel what she wants. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right. Can’t wait to meet her. The dress I am wearing is so comfortable and stretchy. It’s form the danish brand Ilse Jacobsen. They really have nice things for outdoor and indoor. 

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    Outfit transition from summer to fall

    This can be tricky when it comes to clothing. It’s a little chilly but not too chilly to start wearing the whole fall outfit. I always think it’s difficult what to wear and here in Scandinavia we can never trust the weather. Either it’s windy, rainy to then suddenly the clouds are breaking up and it gets sunny again. Especially in our town Malmo it can often be windy since it’s by the ocean. So, I figured that I might post something about this. How to get dressed for after-summer pre-fall clothing. I found nice inspiration to go for and this I’ll share with me here. Look at these nice…

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    5 Good things

    I found 5 good things and this is great to share. 5 good sneakers for fall under $100!  So check these lovely ladies out. Me myself bought Superga for the summer but in a blush color and I really love their sneakers. Buy them here Superga Buy them here Zara Buy them here Puma Buy them here Vans Buy them here Madwell x Tretorn  

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    Tired pregnant lady

    So, I wanted to make sure to take pictures before going to my mum but it didn’t happened. When we came home my husband took but I was too tired to even get serious to take some pics. While helping my mum packing I also made sure to take a nap over there. This is me, tired pregnant lady. But let’s enjoy these few! I am still able to wear a dress that I normally have summer times on me. The white blouse is also something I usually wear but this time it’s not possible to close anymore. So no maternity clothes here! This dress is so old but I…

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    Weekend outfit

    Weekend outfit. I was wearing a summerdress/beachdress from Calzedonia, hat I bought from Belgrade and the bag is from H&M home but I changed bag haha, as you can see on the pictures from yesterday.  Yesterday I put some pictures up, you can find them here.  

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    Day Birger et Mikkelsen

    I bought this lovely bag from the danish brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen. And I really love it. So I thought I might share it here too. 😀