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    Gift to a friend – DIY

    I love to get flowers and it’s more fun to give away. I had lunch with a friend this week and it was her birthday a couple of days ago. So I already had one little palett flower ready to get into new soil. I was lucky to find this nice pot that is new for the season in one of my favorit stores Lagerhaus. After I just took a golden paper bag that I have bought a bunch off from before to have for occasion like this, to give away things in. I needed to cut on the sides a little for the pot to have some space. Then…

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    Monstera is cleaning your air at home

    We have seen this flower everywhere. It’s a popular plant in our homes and I never get tired of her. I see my plants as my girls, sounds crazy! But I really love my plants and to look after them everyday is something I love. That is how you take care of your lovely plants at home. They need love and affection and if there is someone out there who doesn’t agree, then you shouldn’t have flowers at home 😉    Back to this one. Monstera as the ability to clean the air in your home. Inside we have a big circulation of  microscopic particles that this plant can clean…

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    I am really taking care of my flowers at home. And this lovely lady I got as a gift when we moved in to our home. But I was surprised with the little white flower and it looked so pretty so I had to take a picture. For you who is thinking to get a Bonsai at home I can tell it’s not difficult. I thought it was gonna be but no way. Just make sure to put her into water wintertime, one time per week for ten minutes. Read more on internet and you’ll get all good info how to take care of a Bonsai.

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    My flower

    Even if it’s a mess here at home I still want to make it a bit cozy. I want to have flowers around me and something to do for relaxing my mind.  This one I bought at IKEA and the pot too. You are able to paint the pot but I wanted mine to be natural like this. Check here Ikea, 

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    Goodmorning Saturday

    Today we are having a birthday for my sisters daughter Alina. My sister is on visit from Stockholm and I am so happy to see her and her two daughters. But first I have some things to take care of before going over to my mum were the party is. So, enjoy your day as I will!