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    Baby stuff – The Moses basket

    Okey, I haven’t posted so much with baby stuff but here I go. So, I couldn’t help myself to have one of these Moses baskets for our little one. They are so pretty and cute. I chose the one with apricot color. I said to my mum if you find this basket just order at once! And so she did. I love it so much and it’s possible to take off the fabric and just have it nice and natural with pillows and blankets. I’ll show you another time. But for now, this it how it looks. Maybe some people think it’s unnecessary to have but I think it’s a…

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    Elegant apartment

    Bolaget I love from time to time to look at whats listings are out on the market. Now this beauty is! And it’s like candy for the eyes. So beautiful pictures and the interior is so elegant. The reno here is exclusive and amazing. Can’t stop watching. 

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    Old stuff hanging on

    In this corner I have old things from before. I kept the Maria statue since my first apartment. She’s been following me wherever I’ve moved.  I think it’s important in a home to have also personal things that you like and not just follow trends. You will probably read this more then hundred times in my posts. But it’s because I think it’s the ground for creating a home. The lamp is from a store called Granit. And the glas bottle I found in a second hand store along with two others.

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    To stay in all day

    Today is that day when you just want to be in you sofa all the long. It’s cold and it’s snowing. It’s already Monday and I didn’t feel like I had time during weekend to cuddle myself down enough since the reno. Well, well happy week! Our sofa is from Mio, pillow cases H&M home, blanket IKEA, tea cup Rörstrand and wooden tray from Lagerhaus.

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    Goodmorning Saturday

    Today we are having a birthday for my sisters daughter Alina. My sister is on visit from Stockholm and I am so happy to see her and her two daughters. But first I have some things to take care of before going over to my mum were the party is. So, enjoy your day as I will!

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    Nice homes

    This apartment is out on the market through my college. I like how the retro style is a key decor here, from doors to floors and to the interior.